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Sunday, January 20, 2008

In need of a valium

Friday after I got off work at 2 there was a free party at Oogles and Googles. I was already on that side of town so Kellie was going to pick up emma and Isaac and meet Garrett and I there. It was from 3-5pm. Krista worked over there near it so I volunteered to bring Cauy with me from daycare and she could just meet us there when she got off. Still no problem, just one extra kid. Then I asked Rachel if she was going to take her kids over. She said she didn't think they were going to make it. So being the crazy insane person I am I then volunteered to take her 2 kids as well. So now thats 3 extra kids to a party place. I looked at my car and then requested to take Rachel's van! She let me thankfully. So here I am driving with 4 young children yelling and laughing in the car, trying to find a building. We find it and have to park a block away. We jump out of the van, link hands, and walk towards the building. They are all very excited and wound up at this point because they all like oogles and googles and they are out without their mommies. Kellie drives by and begins to wonder "who is that crazy lady with all those young kids . . " then she sees it's me and laughs. What a true friend! We make it inside and within 2 minutes the adults are very overstimulated! There is face painting, crafts, loud music to dance to, games, dress-up, and cake! We last about and hour until Krista shows up. Then we get out as fast as we can drag the kiddos out! I called Tanya on the way home asking if she could score me some valium. she has yet to send me any . . . . .

look at my stamps


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Pass 'em this way when you do get them! :) Can I send my 3 next time?


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