Welch Family Journal

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Garrett has completely fallen in love with the game of hiding. He hides his "ruff ruff" behind his back and says "whered ruff ruff go?" he looks so cute while doing this I might add. then he brings it out from behind his back and says "heret is!" Now mind you he'll be 2 next month so alot of the time when he hides puppy it's very easy to spot and the grown up has to really pretend to not see it! Like today when he had the puppy on his lap and his sippy cup sitting on top of him. Then he asks where the puppy went. Ummm . . only a blind person couldn't see it but Mommy played along so as not to spoil the fun. :) I think he might have gotten this love of hiding things form one of her favorite people Po-po. Po-po likes to try and trick the kids by hiding things under his arms. Thanks for the fun and smiles!


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