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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

We're back!!

I've been asked recently to re-start this blog for family near and far to feel more in touch with our going ons. :) I will do my best to keep this updated at least monthly. The major things going on in our lives are: Matt now works for Draft Kings in Boston. He has worked there since February and is really enjoying it there. He rides the train in an hour each way daily. He still works very part time for 4 Sharp Corners maintaining their website. He is no longer a paid minister but does volunteer with the teens when he's able.

 Emma has started middle school. Yikes! Thus far (2 weeks in) she is enjoying it and doing fine with a locker and changing classes. She will be doing club Spring Volleyball (of which Matt will be a coach). She just tried out for her first musical and made a couple of small speaking roles and well as being in the ensemble. She has also signed up for Chorus at her school. She is growing like a weed! She is over 5 ft tall (11 yrs old) and her last shoe we bought was a Women's 9. She still LOVES art. Drawing and painting mostly. She is also working on learning the Piano.

 Garrett moved to the 4th grade this year. He is doing great thus far too. He lOVES mine craft, legos, and computer games. He participated in Basketball last fall and will probably continue this year. He is excited about starting in band this year: the trumpet.

 I am currently a stay-at-home mom (finally!). I am loving being the one getting the kids ready for school and being there with them after school. I have more time for groceries, cleaning, and laundry now. It doesn't mean it actually all gets done, but I have more time to procrastinate. I am also volunteering as a Children's Minister for our church. I am in charge of the curriculum for the children's Bible classes and Children's Church.


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