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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

uh-oh I smell trouble

The rines came over to our house last night so Matt and Casey could work on DVD/computer stuff for the youth group. which means Kellie and I got to socialize and Emma and Isaac got to play. All was going pretty good, only a couple of minor not shareing issues. So, they are upstairs playing and after a few minutes Kellie says "it's awfully quiet up there" then we hear screaching. She asks "should we check on them?" I say "Naw that's happy screaching." So we leave them alone. About 10 minutes later they both come down the stairs NAKED as the day they were born! we all bust out laughing and ask them what they were doing. Then Isaac says "Emma change me" We go upstairs to find where Emma had taken off Isaac's poopy diaper, gotten into the wipes box, and tried to change him. There's poop on the floor surrounded by wipes. My 2 1/2 year old saw he was poopy and tried to change it for him. Kellie and I bust up laughing again. I pull out the steam vac and carpet cleaner and we get the kids dressed. Then we have a talk about if they need to go potty then come get us and we'll go to the potty or if they need their diapers changed to come get us and we'll do it. I think I'm going to work even harder adn potty trining now. If she's big enough and smart enough to try to change her friends diaper and her own then it's time to be going on the potty! I found this funny and thought you'd get a laugh out of it too.


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