Welch Family Journal

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

will work for food

How young is too young to set your child on the side of the road with a "will work for food" sign? My 13 month old son just ate a handfull of applejacks, a toddler cuisine of rice and veggis, then ate 3/4 of a cheese quesadilla! Hello! What are we gonna do when he truns 14? 15? 16? 17? 18?

Monday, April 23, 2007

You might be a redneck if . . .

you hose your chidren down on the back porch before letting them go in the house. :)

Well, when they start out like this . . . .

I think this is your only option.

Then you can reward them with a nice warm real bath.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Daddy's softball season begins

Matt had a scrimmage with the other Levy c of C team the other night. It was the 1st "game" of the season. He was excited about getting to play again. Emma was excited Abby, Izzy, and Isaac wold be there to play with. Garrett was excited to be allowed to play with the big kids. I was excited Marci and Kellie would be there to talk to. It was a good game. Only a few fights among (tired) friends.

playing in the dirt on the field after the game was over.

Me too sister!

playing in dirt before the game . . . . . see the trend?

Put me in coach!

Fun at daycare

Emma all dressed up:

Garrett sitting on his daycare girlfriend:

Disney Princess on Ice

Disney Princess on Ice was AWSOME! Those Princess' sure can skate! Tanya and I were amazed by their skills. Emma loved it.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Tinkerbell in Cinderella's coach which rose up and spun around and lit up and shot fireworks!

The wicked witch and sleeping beauty.

The dragon which smoked and shot fire out on the ice.

Prince Eric swinging down to the ice.

Two Princess'.

Heigh Ho!

Be Our Guest!

Your ride my lady.

Mommy and her little princess

We all dresses up!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tanyas life is spared

Matthew just fixed my camera. . . So kellie I don't need you as my alibi for Tanyas death. . . . Tanya you have been spared this time. Which is good since I will def need it Saturday when Tanya, Emma, and I are going to Disney Princess on Ice! . . . all three of us are going dressed as Princess' (Emma more dressed up that us though) Pictures will follow sat night so some back Sunday. :)

Funny, Tacky, or Wise?

I was driving on the highway today. I ended up getting behind a hearse. This one had personalized license plates that read LASTRYD I laughed out loud then called Tanya who also laughed out loud. So we vote it's funny and wise.

Monday, April 16, 2007

sticky mans demise

Well sticky man held out. We finally took him down for Emma to play with. So ends it for the famous sticky man. You can all stop wondering and worrying. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

one year check up

Garrett went in for his 1 year check-up today. He is doing great!

Here's his stats:
weight: 23 lb 6oz 75%tile (because of his walking)
Head circ: 19inches 90%tile (big brains!)
Height: 31inches 90%tile (is anyone really surprised?)

His ears were clear! His heart and lungs sounded good. He did get an allergy script for seasonal allergies which should help with the sneezing and runny nose. She said he sounds good but at the very first sign of a cough or wheeze I was to put him back on the updraft daily and keep him on it for at least two weeks (maybe longer) from whenever I start.

He can now walk pretty good
He is off the bottle as of yesterday and on sippy cups only
He can say dada, mama, nightnight, duck, and several other sounds that sound like words we just aren't sure which words
He loves to play peek-a-boo and "tickle,tackle, snuggle" with everyone
He's a very happy baby
He's a momma's boy but loves Emma and Isaac sooo very much
He likes to "pat" babys, usually too rough but man he loves the babies
He's been on solid food for a long while and loving every bit of it
He can throw a ball pretty good (Daddy's so happy)
He likes to make car sounds while pushing cars around
He likes to growl for every animal except a monkey which he can do the monkey sound for
He thinks he's 3 years old like Emma and Isaac
He's just a joy to be around.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Granny

Happy Birthday to Granny! Today she is celebrating the 31st anniversary of her 29th Birthday! We love our Granny who spoils Garrett . . . and emma . . . and mommy . . . . and daddy . . . . so very much! Hope it was a great one filled with much deserved rest and relaxation! (especialy after an Easter weeeknd with all 4 grandkids) :)