Welch Family Journal

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Airy's Back!

Yes you read right. The famous Airy is finally back from his long trip. He came back a few days early. And everyone BUT tanya knew. hee-hee. I think she did enjoy the surprise even if we couldn't find a way to tell her to be up and beautiful on a Saturday without causing suspision. :) On Saturday morning I told Emma "Guess who's coming to visit you today?" She smiled and said 'Tan-a" I said "Yes, and guess who is back from their long trip?" She got and even bigger smile and yelled "AIRY!" She was super excited all day long. Finally around 5pm they came into the house. Well needless to say Emma went crazy and started showing off for Airy. Then she finds out he got her presents (shirt and bath stuff) and she was even more excited. Then the topping on the cake we were going to go eat with ARIY, tanya, chad and MARY! Can this day get any better for her?? we went to eat (in the monsoon) and Airy won her 2 stuffed animals from the claw machine. Which of course she had to then sleep with and take to Big Church this morning. It was a great day all in all for her. :) The rest of us are glad Aaron made it home safely as well but Emma is super glad. (also thanks for the shirt, lotion, and bath salts. I will def. use them!)

Friday, April 28, 2006


We had our playdate today. I invited several of Emma's friends over to play this morning. It looked like it would be a bad thing before it even got started when yesterday I told her all the friends that were comming over to play adn she yelled "NO. they're my toys!" oh great. But as I was cleaning(stashing) things this morning she was getting excited they were coming. At first she put all her dolls in the pantry so her friends wouldn't get them. Then when I told her if she put them in there she couldn't play with them either she thought about it a good long while then brought them out saying "I share with my friends" uh-huh good choice. Emma had a bunch of fun with her friends. We had Abby, Izzy, Isaac, Caleb, Ian, Riley, Hayden, Ainsley, Clair, and Emilyn over today. The house was trashed a few minutes after they all got here and it looked like a minivan convention (thanks marci) outside but hey they all had a bunch of fun. Mommy enjoyed getting to talk to her mommy friends while emma got to play with her kiddo friends. We are going to try to make this a weekly thing for the kids to get to play and mom's get to socialize.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

1 month already

Garrett David had his 1 month check up last thursday. He weighed 11 lbs. 7 ozs. which is in the 90th percentile. He was 21 1/2 inches long which is in the 60th percentile. Everything looked good. He has to go have his hearing rechecked because he didn't pass the hearing tests in the hospital. That can be caused by his ears still being stopped up from birthing gunk so we aren't too worried. He responds to sounds in the room so we know he can hear at least some. :) He also was prescribed a script for Zantax to help with his reflux. He has a mild form of refulx. He doesn't spit volumes up but he spits and has to sleep in the carseat so he's upright and he's on a special formula to help ease some of his discomfort. But all in all we are all doing good. Big Sister Emma really is a big helper . . . most of the time.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our songbird

Saturday during Emma's nap I went out shopping. She woke up before I got back home. Matt heard her wake up and went to get her. She was already at the top of the steps looking around. He asked her if she wanted him to pick her up, usually such a question get s a quick yes!. This time she said no. He asked what she wanted and she said her mommy. (aww how sweet) He asked if she would come over and sit on his lap and snuggle him. She said "no I want my mommy" (yet again awww). He picked her up anyway and wrapped his arms around her for a minute. She curled up in his chest and began to sing "This is the way we snuggle our daddies" (sung to the tune The wheels on the bus) Now how cute is that for a 2 year old to come up with on her own?

Emma loves to sing. She sings all day long. It amazes me how many big kid songs she knows almost all the words to. She also loves to make up songs to whatever she's doing at the time.

It also amazes me at how sweet and thoughful she can be at times. Especially with her new brother. I was driving to Aunt Ree-rees (marie) the other day nad She was singing to her music. Then she says "give me the rag" I ask her "what? why?" (realizing she was asking for Garretts spit rag) She said "Brother spit" so i handed it back and watch her in the rearview mirror wipe his mouth off and then contunie to talk softly to him. Another time we were driving and Garrett started hollering and I hear "shh. It's ok I'm here. Sister's here" and she holding his hand, smiling at him. Amazingly he tends to calm down most of the time for her.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Things to remember from this week

Yesterday Emma was put down for a nap by Me-me then checked on a few minutes later by mommy. She was laying down and drinking her juice cup so mommy went to go pump in the other room. 45 minutes later, the door to the study opens a little then closes. I call out "emma?" "emma? is that you?" (Big Daddy was gone so it had to be her) I stop pumping and go out to find her starting to walk back to the bedroom. I look down and her feet have nail polish all over them. Now I am so mad I am seeing red! I grab her arm and take her to Tanya's bathroom where I find the nailpolish spilled on Granny's rug. I get loud and say "No, No, No, Emma. That was bad" and sit her on th top of the potty while I try to salvage the rug. I am losing my temper more and more by the minute so I decide to put her back down for a nap before I lose my temper at her. I spank her and lay her down telling her to "never get the nail polish out unless mommy or daddy is there with her" Finally today I can begin to joke about it. Thankfully it spilled on a rug that can be thrown away and a nother bought and not on laid in carpet. Well when she got up from her nap I told her I loved her but that was a bad thing to do because she broke Granny's rug. Also when Granny got home from work she needed to tell Granny she was sorry she broke her rug. Ok no biggi. A couple of hours later, Granny comes home and Emma runs out of the reck room and says "I broke your rug. sorry" I was proud she remembered and did it like I said. Even if she doesn't fully comprehend what she's saying or why. I know she can remember some things to a certain extent now.

The same day as the nail polish incident. When she got up from her nap and came out of the room she had no pants on. Well not a big surprise she does love to take her shoes and pants off these days. I pulled up her shirt to make sure she had a diaper on still and she had on her pull-up. It took me a couple of minutes to remember she had a diaper on when she got spanked and laid down. So I asked her "emma did me-me change your diaper?" she said "No. I was wet. I put on pull-up" I went back tot eh bedroom and there was her wet diaper on the floor by her bed. (Thankfully it was only wet!) So, real potty training starts Monday. If she is changing her own diapers she is ready to potty train.

Emma has had a ton of fun here this week! She liked visiting the familys. She loved Uncle Hoyt and as we drove off she was saying "mommy the grandpa" wanting togo back to his house. I guess it's because of his white hair that he was called "the grandpa" instead of Uncle Hoyt, which we had practiced all the way to Ashdown. She loved seeing Uncle John and Aunt Merida because they gave her a big stuffed white cat as she was leaving. She had fun going to me-me and po-po's house without mommy and brother and they took her to the park and fed the ducks. We've all had a lot of fun adn got real spoiled this week.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Prayer Request

I have a sorta unusual prayer request of anyone who reads this. Please pray for me. For wisdom of how to handle Emma and Garrett together. For patience with Emma right now and in the future. and for strength to handle Emma, Garrett, and myself. I am haveing a hard time dealing with the lingering post-partum depression; Emma being 2, very curious and stubborn and wanting attention even negative to offset what brother is getting; and dealing with trying to make good decisions about Garrett. It's been a really hard time these last well, couple of months, but especially last couple fo weeks since the birth. And I am really scared about next week when I am on my own at home with the two of them. So please keep me in your prayers for the next month or so, I would really appreciate it.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Visiting the Family

Well, here we are in Texarkana. It's Monday afternoon and I think we have already worn Granny and Big Daddy out! :) It has been a wonderful Saturday and Sunday for mommy. Granny took over taking care of Garrett, Emma, and mommy as soon as we got up saturday monring. I have been really really sore because of nursing issues. It's been nice to have my mommy taking care of me! Matthew has been so awsome these last few months and especially since Garrett came home but sometimes a girl just needs her mommy. Emma is lovling being here with Granny, Big Daddy, Me-me, and Po-po. She loves the attention she's able to get. And now that mommy is feeling more "normal" I can begin to give her more of the attention she deserves once we get home. Emma also enjoyed haveing Hannah and Caroline here yesterday and this morning. They had to leave early so Hannah could go to the Dr and have a spider bite looked at. It was real red, hot, and hard,so please pray for her arm to heal quickly.

Daddy, GraMMie (if you say it like emma you have to really stress the m's), and daddy's friend Paul are all down in Dallas probably acting like little school girls on the playyard waiting for the opening day game for the Red Sox. They will be there till thursday morning when Daddy and GraMMie will come back and get us to go home. This will be the frist time GraMMie will get to see Garrett in person. Emma is looking forward to seeing her too. Daddy got some of the Red Sox stuff he ordered before we left town Friday. Once he gets the newspapers framed and up on the walls I will post pictures of Garretts room. Also, took some good pictures of all 4 grandkids just before the Bland crew left. Once Jen emails those to me I'll post them too.

Well tons more I could say but Emma has been very quiet for far too long. I'd better go find her and fix whatever she's gotten into. :)