Welch Family Journal

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Going on a Bear Hunt

So what do you do on the day after you spend an afternoon purging your system in the bathroom? , , Grab both kids (alone) and go hike in the woods of course! Thank you Corrie for all the info about the different trails. We went out and walked around the trail and only heard "I'm tired. I want to go home" a few times. We didn't see any bears but we did see mushrooms, an inchworm, a crocodile log, the Arkansas river, several trees, talking signs, spiders, and ants. Then we loaded back up and went further down the road and went to a scenic overlook. There we saw a blue butterfly, and fishes in the water. It was a fun morning with the kids! I'm glad we doped up on allergy meds and toughed it out. It was much better than sitting around the house all day.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

which way is it?

Emma was surprised at school friday when Aunt Tanya picked her up! It was a super surprise! With Aunt Tanya in school at HU she doesn't get to pick up Emma hardly ever so it was a great surprise for Emma. I'm glad she was able to do this. Emma loved it too because Tanya took her to a movie! She took her to see Kung Foo Panda. The funny part was when Tanya was talking to MOm on her cell saying "I don't know where to turn" and from the backseat she hears "You need to turn right here" She and mom decide Emma probably knows her way around NLR better than they do. So she turns. Tanya is then talking to mom saying "I don;t see it" again from the backseat "It's right over there" . . . a verse comes to mind . . "and a child shall lead them" . . . :) They had a lot of fun getting to spend he afternoon together. Thank you Aunt Tanya for spending your afternoon making my little girl feel special!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Too many friends?

Can there be such a thing as too many friends? Well today we have gone to 3 Birthday parties and in 2 weeks we have 2 more parties. :) We love our friends though so I guess all the running around town is worth it. :) Today was Kinleys gymnastics party and Madigans coloring inspired party (which was very cool!) . Both were a lot of fun! Then Olivia's Jump Zone party. We are partied out! Thankfully emma did get a little over an hour nap before the 3rd one. We love all of our friends and family and are honored to share in their special days.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 2008 Zoo Trip

The kids and I went to the zoo last Saturday. We were all up and the weather was really nice so we got ready and left for the zoo. It was a fun trip. We came home and each took a 3 hour nap!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Emma started Pre-K4 last wednesday.

We made sugar cookies and iced them purple with yellow crystals. (CAC colors are purple and gold) and took them into her class that 1st day. (Now a tradition for her and I and will continue to be as long as she wants to do it)

We took our tradition 1st-day-by-the-front-door picture too.

We walked across the bridge and into her class. I grabbed a quick picture of her and Isaac then dropped off her supplies and left.

Her table in her room. (NOT with Isaac :( )

She had a great day and loves her new class.

4 year check up

Today Emma had her 4 year check up.

She did really great! She is in the 60% on weight and the 80% in height. She had to get two big 'ol shots she was NOT happy about. You could tell one of them real hurt a lot. She did great though. She didn't scream or act insane. She cried, of course, but did a good job of just taking it. During a normal exam we found out there was pus in one ear because of an infection. Nice. My kids rarely show signs of an infection so we usually only know they have one if we're at the dr for some other reason. :) Other than that, she is doing great! Ready for Pre-K4.

My Big Boy

Last night Garrett put new pj's on . . size 4T . . and . . . they fit! Gotta love my 2 year old in 4T pj's and 3T tops and 2T pants! HA!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Breast Cancer help


Now it’s even easier to join the fight against breast cancer.

Good news! We’ve made it easier to join the Quilted Northern donation program. Just purchase any Quilted Northern package, then go online and submit the UPC code. For every code entered by 12/31/08 we’ll donate $.50 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, up to $500,000 annually. And best of all - you can select your local Komen Affiliate to receive the donation. To enter your code or learn more visit www.quiltednorthern.com/donation

Or mail your UPC to:

Quilted Northern/Komen Donation Program
P.O. Box 5418
Clinton, IA 52736-5418

Saturday, August 16, 2008

big boy pants

I am starting to work on Garrett and the whole potty training thing. He will sit on the potty but has yet to go or care about going. In fact he will not go the whole 10 minutes on the potty, then pee as soon as you put a diaper on. He will tell me to change his diaper about 60% of the time after he's peed big or pooped. He's in the potty training age class at daycare so I told his wonderful teacher to go ahead and start putting him on the potty when the others go and see if peer pressure will help him want to go. In an effort to further encourage a desire to potty train we went out today and let him pick out big boy under ware. I kept telling him when he started going pee pee in the potty a lot he could ware his race care under ware. He was really excited about them! W ell . . after getting big boy under ware today. I got him up from his nap and he was dry. I put him on the potty and he went (we called granny and got candy), we went to the swim arty. He came over to me during it saying "I stinky. change my diaper" . . he was. I did. I put him back in a diaper before we left there (in maumelle). we drove home. after we walked into the house he let out a big toot. then said "i want go pee pee in potty" since he was actually asking for once I said "sure baby" we went upstairs, (he was still dry) and sat him on the potty and he went. By no means is he really ready but I think the big boy under ware is helping getting him a little more keen on the idea! hopefully in a few months we will finally be diaper free in this house!!!!!!

Pray he will understand what to do and want to do it. Pray I will have patience with him even if he doesn't want to train right now and the wisdom to decide to drop it if he's not ready yet. Thanks!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

code names

We found the old walkie talkies at daycare the other day . . . it will be a great way to keep in contact while we're in our separate rooms or in the gym or outside and not feel trapped with all those kids if we need something. . . . now all I need is a super cool code name. I ask you to think long and hard and come up with some suggestions (remember we will have to say these in front of small children chad!)