Welch Family Journal

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Branson 2009

squished in car!
lights drive through (2nd time)
good eats

silver dollar city
-e roller coaster
-tea cups.dumbo.pirate ship
-living navity
- dickens christmas carol
-light parade
-lighting of trees
-mm fudge
-buying extra clothes

dixi stampeed
-eating with fingers
-loved horse
-navity portion
-chicken chasing
-pig races
-pony races
-seeing/stalking funny guy at grocery store

new years eve

Emma lost tooth
-already loose
-bumped it on board fell out
-almost freaked from amt of blood
-mm left note for TF-left tooth and $1

Christmas 2009

This year, we were at home for Christmas Day. The kids were sooo excited! We started off the festivities by mommy locking herself in her room and wrapping presents, then putting them under the tree Christmas eve. (we couldn't put them out earlier because I was afraid the cat would chew on them).

Tree with just mom/dad gifts
Tree with Santa gifts added

Game table also from mom/dad

Then mommy made A TON of chocolate covered pretzels for our trip to Branson (Christmas day through new years day). See me-me!!

Next, came the putting out of reindeer food. This is the 1st year I have ever heard of this. We always left carrots on the plate with the cookies for Santa, assuming he would take the carrots to the reindeer. This year, I was introduced to Reindeer food (cheerios, dry oats, and glitter) that you throw on the yard. The glitter reflects the moon and draws the reindeers attention. Interesting. The kids loved it though.

Kids with presents from a couple of their favorite "big kids" from Church. Thanks Taylor and Dylan! The kids felt so special!

Then we set out the cookies/pretzels and milk.

They got to pick one (mommy approved) gift to open.

Next, they laid out the stockings.

Finally, emma was given strict instructions on what time she could get out of bed and come wake up mommy. :) (she's our early riser anyway) Then, daddy and mommy found things to occupy their time while waiting for the kids to go to bed. It took awhile for them to fall asleep. :)

Emma got up at 7:30 and slowly crept in to wake up mommy. She and I started cinn rolls then woke up G and daddy. We all ate our breakfast then went down to check the loot. They loved all the presents form Santa and mommy and daddy! It was a wrapping paper snowfall! Garrett couldn't believe all those with "G's" on them were for him! He'd find another and yell "This one's for me too!!!" Emma went straight for the "fancy nancy shaped box" and amazingly enough it was a Fancy nancy doll. They even got excited about the new clothes and coats (which came in handy in Branson)

Opening stockings

Emma's Fancy nancy shaped box. Garrett with the "cool round" box.

Emma's loot

Garrett's Loot

After they'd opened everything. Then the unwrapping of all the boxes to get the toys out began. Finally they were able to actually play with their new toys! :)

His blue and green leapster he asked Santa for!

Emma and fancy nancy

A few hours later, we packed up and went to meet GraMMIE and Auntie Jesse at the airport. The kids made signs to hold up with each name on it. They thought it was sooo funny to do that. Special surprise-- Jesse brought Dunkin Donuts!! I heart Jesse! After that, G and I went home while the rest worked on getting the rental car. They finally sorted that out, we packed up, went to the Chinese place to eat (only place open on Christmas Day) and finally began our trip to Branson!

Even Lucky liked his present!