Welch Family Journal

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin patch with friends 2008

Today we ventured out with Isaac and Cauy to a new pumpkin patch. It had pig races! A hayride, a small pumpkin field, a hay mountain and a small animal area. It was nice to get to go and not have to spend all day there too. :) Here's some pictures of our fun times.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

PV Kiddie Carnival 2008

Tonight we dressed up in our Halloween costumes and went over to PV for their Kiddie Carnival. The kids had fun playing games, jumping in the bounce house (only emma on that one), and playing with their PV friends. Here are a few pictures of the evening.

HU homecoming 2008

Today we went to Harding's homecoming festivities. We started with the Pied Piper show. In which Daddy got to go help out with a story. Then we went over to the petting zoo and pony rides. Emma found a rabbit she held the whole time. Garrett kept getting cups of grain and dumping them in front of the cow who was trying to sleep. Then we saw Casen and Kinley there too! That was a surprise. Next Tanya joined us for some running around the jumping things. Fin ally Tanya and Kayleigh joined us for lunch at Dixi. All in all it was a good little trip to Searcy. Here's a few pictures of our fun.

Monday, October 20, 2008

a g-g-g-ghost in our house

I felt crafty the other afternoon and brought home a craft for the kids to do. They loved getting to make and hang ghosts in the house. Here's the finished product . . . . Warning Chad have Mary sit by you so you don't get too scared!

Emma's Ghost

Garrett's ghost 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jack-o-lantern Toast

Our snack today . . . .

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ribbon Race 2008

This year we did the Ribbon Race in LR. I loaded both kids into the wagon and we headed off to walk the 2K. It was beautiful weather, which helped keep the kids happy. Garrett rode in the wagon the whole time. Emma walked most of it. She asked to get into the wagon a couple of times but couldn't stand not being able to see everything around her so go right back out. The kids loved seeing the NLRHS band. The dog that was taller than emma. The crazy outfits. The fire trucks. (and stripping firemen!) Mommy's friends. Their friends --- Garrett saw Jojo and Emma saw Hayley and Molly (which she referred to as "my friends" instead of "your friends mommy") I only took a couple of shots since I was pulling the wagon, but here they are.

Daddy Day

Since Daddy has become the Asst. Volleyball coach at CAC he has some crazy hours at home. A lot of the week the kids barely see him. So Last saturday we had a Daddy Day! We were going to go to the Zoo since the weather had been so nice. When we woke up it was really cold and started to rain some. So, we decided to share The Wonder Place with Daddy. The kids a a lot of fun playing. Leaving to eat at McDonalds. Then playing a while longer. They may not have said as much but I could tell they were both so excited to have Daddy there to spend time with them! Thank you Daddy for enduring the children's play place for your kiddos! Here are a few shots of our morning.

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 2008

Friday was Emma's class field trip to the pumpkin patch. She and I had a lot of fun. We rode the hayride, fed leaves to goats and sheep and donkeys, took a ton of pictures, sat on a tractor, had fun with her school friends, and ate a picnic lunch. She started the day running around with Isaac (of course). Then Isaac went off with some guy friends and emma went off her direction. That's when her friend boy Gracen found her. After that wherever Emma went he followed. He is the same one who found her at the football game and stayed by her until his parents made him come back with them. :) He totally has a huge crush on Emma. How cute is that?! I asked emma about it and she said (with an annoyed voice) "he follows me around everywhere" I told her "he probably really likes you and just wants to play with you. Instead of walking off alot, try finding a game you two cam play together" We'll see how that goes next week at school. He seems sweet (not crazy running around and seems to obey his parents in public) One of the highlights of her trip? Getting to ride the hayride the 2nd time with Gracen and Gracen's da . . but no mommy . . . ;( yeah, she wanted to ride alone. I said ok (You can see the tractor the whole time it makes the loop in the field). Gracen's dad hopped on with him but I hid my you-don't-want-mommy-by-you? sadness and let her go. Here's some shots of our fun day.