Welch Family Journal

Friday, March 28, 2008


Dandelions may be weeds to some but to my children they are wonderful and amazing mysteries. They had so much fun blowing these in the wind the other day. It was wonderful to watch their wonder and amazement at God's wonderful world.

I had to hold Garrett's mouth squished up so her would blow out instead of up. 

Trying with all her might :) 

What a sweet girl God has given me

Learning to blow out. 

They also worked on riding their bikes. 

Look mom . . . No hands!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Arggg Mateys

A pirate says Argggg . . .
Isaac had a Pirate birthday party several weekends ago. Here are a few of the highlights. (the kids LOVED it!)

This is one of the kids on the scavenger hunt. By the last clue they had all figured out how the game was played. :) 

Ahhh the treasure!

My two ended up jumping in big puddles even though it was freezing outside and they both already had a small cough. . . . no one else allowed their children to partake . . . I guess I'm the only cool parent ;) 

Waiting to eat the pirate cake

Trying to light the candles. Isaac really wanted his candles lit. It was REAL windy out. finally with the help of three people blocking we got candles for a couple of seconds.

Kellie had to find a use for the tiny plastic swords! 

Opening presents

Garrett waving his pirate flag

The pirate crew

The 3 musketeers 

Kellie's AWSOME Pirate ship cake 

Birthday boy

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter 2008

We went to Granny and Big Daddy's house for Easter/Garrett's birthday this past weekend. The kids had a blast playing with Caroline and Hannah, dyeing easter eggs, hunting eggs, playing outside, and so much more. Here's a few pictures of the fun we had.

Funny note: Emma was walking put the door sunday to ride with Granny t church. They shut the door with garrett crying for mommy. I called his name to show him I was still in the kitchen and hadn't left him. He looks at me and says "G left me" I laughed and told him she had to because she didn't have his car seat. He said "my car seat? in G's car?" I told him "no it's in mommys car. so you have to ride with me. we'll see G at bible class" He still wasn't too happy but at least he wasn't crying.

Trouble on the way: On the way down to Texarkana my 2 years and 1 day old son was FAKING being asleep so he could ignore his sister who was trying to play with him! This does not show me there are easy days ahead in our future. :)

Their easter baskets

I found an egg!

Look how old she looks in this picture! Man they grow up fast!

Happy egg hunters

Roar Roar got some Easter candy too
The famous "bob builder cake" Big Daddy got Garrett

Pointing out the signs on the cake

Bob the Builder!

Garrett, Daddy, and the new bubble blowing lawn mower (from Aunt Jenn)
How precious is she?!

Such a ham!

Dying easter eggs 

All the cousins

Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Emma Easter Egg Hunt

Today was Emma's school Easter Egg Hunt. Here are some pictures of the fun we had.
Eating lunch with Emma

Me-me and Isaac

They are hidden real real good. Can the 4 year olds ever find them? 

In line ready to go into the playground to find eggs.

Emma sharing with Garrett

Look at my eggs!

Too high even for my tall girl

Examining their loot

Pictures with friends

Some swinging time after the eggs have been collected

My sweet Birthday boy

Garrett school birthday party

Today we took iced sugar cookies to share with Garrett's daycare friends for his birthday. We had a mishap in our regular room so all our kids were in a different room while the mishap was being steam vac-ed out of our carpet. ;) This meant we didn't have our chairs so the kids had to sit on the floor and eat. They thought this was great fun!

Singing with Elmo

Singing Psalms 23 song


Another big kid milestone . . . She can snap :)


                    Garrett is 2 today!


It's hard to believe my little baby is 2 today. It seems like a moment ago he was brand new in my arms. He really is a joy to have. He is beginning to be all boy and getting into all sorts of things but he is also so sweet and loving. 
He LOVES trains
He LOVES race cars (and his new race car bed)
He keeps telling people "big Daddy get me bob builder cake"  . . for his birthday
He has a wide vocabulary especially for a 2 year old
He LOVES playing with sissy and I (isaac) and thinks he's 4 like them
He's a momma's boy right now but loves his Bid Daddy, Daddy and Popo a bunch too
He'll eat just about anything . . . and a lot of . . like his daddy ;)
He still has his "that" (passy) but will be losing it very soon
We have a ruff ruff we take EVERYWHERE
He calls most animals by there sounds not there names (ex: a cat is a meow meow)
He likes to listen to things and continually asks "you hear that mommy?"
Yes he can sing parts of the Wicked soundtrack as well as Jesus Loves Me
He is generally a quick learner on most things
He is being more stubborn each day 
He likes to play in the dirt and with bubbles
He likes to "read" and have books read to him
He LOVES bath time
Some of his favorite foods include french fries and cheese dip
He likes watching Tv and zones out like his mommy
He likes Little Einsteins and Thomas the Train the most
He actually likes taking medicine and will cry if someone else gets some and not him 
He has a huge smile and big eyes that work together to make your heart melt

Memory verse

Emma's Bible class teachers are awsome! I had noticed her memory verse was getting longer and longer so I thought I should check in with her on what she knew and begin trying to help her learn the rest. Thinking she would be behind others in her  class that had mothers and fathers helping them all along the way. (I had really slacked in working on it with her these last couple of weeks) Well here's what she spouted off in the car. I was amazed and had to record it for all to hear. Thank you Alison, Mary, Diana, Marilyn, Kenya, Brenda, Amy, and any other Bible class teachers I may not know about!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

School Pictures

Here's the kids school pictures. We chose not to order any this go round but I though they were cute and it'd give you the most recent look at them as well. :)  . . .Yes, Emma wanted curly hair so we stood there and curled her hair with a curling iron. :)  . . . And Yes garrett only smiled because we said "say Cheese dip!" then got sad when he went back to the classroom instead of to the cheese dip place. :)