Welch Family Journal

Sunday, June 27, 2010

funny sayings from garrett

During church this morning Garrett looked over and saw a kid his age standing on the back of the pew. He looked at me and said "He's standing on the pew. That's just not safe. . . . well at least his daddy's helping hold him up" . . . yep Tanya, Granny, and I are teaching him right. Watch out for safety G!

Garrett was listening to a man sing "When you wish upon a star" at Emma's dance recital. When he was done. G leans over to Aunt Sarah and says. "umm sa-ruh. One of my dreams can't come true because it's about a bear that can talk."

While at a seafood restaurant in Branson. We are talking about there being salt in the Ocean (for some reason). G looks up and asks "if there's a salt ocean, is there a pepper ocean?"

Both our kids say some of the craziest things. They CONSTANTLY ask questions to learn more and more.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

May 2010

A lot has happened since Easter (my last post). Sorry for the lack of updates but we've been so busy here. The month of May has brought 3 major events . . .

1. Marti had to write and "produce" her first Kindergarden graduation
It turned out great and went off without a hitch. My co-worker and I were very worried but it all worked out. We already have big plans to change up the ceremony for next year to make it go even better.

2. Garrett participated in his 1st graduation ceremony
Garrett hammed it up all during graduation practice and had us all worried but he did a great job sitting still, singing, and saying his lines in front of everyone. I was so proud.

3. Emma graduated from Kindergarden.
She did a great job with her graduation program. Although it was a bumpy year with our verrrrrry chatty child it was a good one where she learned a lot.

We are now all officially out of school for the summer. . . . This summer should be interesting since it'll be the first summer I am not working. It'll be me and the kids all day every day. :)