Welch Family Journal

Friday, December 21, 2012

Emma school program

Emma had a school program last night. Here are a couple of the songs the third grade performed. A few of my favorite things (partial) I made a little dreidel Hippopotamus for Christmas

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guatemala 2012

Matt and I and 24 of our closest friends were able to travel to Guatemala City, Guatemala last week for a Mission Trip. We were gone from Saturday July 7th - Saturday July 14th. Our trip had 3 major jobs to do. 1. build a roof structure for a church plant about an hour outside the city. 2. Have a VBS each day for the Kyrios Kids school we help support, and 3. Paint as much as possible the building the downtown church is now using. I am happy to report we accomplished 1 and 2 and we got a great deal painted and were able to financially support a local painter to finish what we ran out of time for.

We met at the airport Saturday morning at 3:30 am! Matt, Taylor, and I didn't sleep any friday night. Matt and Taylor went to a Red Sox game while I snuggled my kids and quadrouple checked my own packing. :) The flights went smoothly with only minor annoyances. Once we arrived in Guatemala City we were driven to our hotel to check in. Then it was time to head to the Teacher Appricipation Dinner at the Kyrios Kids school. It was a good dinner with some funny and some heartbreaking stories from the teachers.

Day Two: Sunday
Lukewarm shower. Then a van ride to the downtown church for breakfast then church services in Spanish and English. (part of our group went to the church service at the Kyrios Kids building) We began learning a few Spanish songs. Loved the singing! After services we went on a walk down the road to the fountain center. It was interesting to see the marketplace in town. Then it was back to the building for Lunch. More time to get to know people. Then Dinner. Then bed.

Day Three: Monday
Cold shower. Breakfast at downtown building. short devo/songs with BICA students. Then one van headed to Kyrios Kids to do the VBS, one van headed out of the city to work on the roof building, and one group stayed to begin the painting. VBS went well (Thanks to Iiliana - she Translated all week and saved us non-Spanish speaking gringos!) There were 137 kids. (5 classes) Each day we read a Bible story and talked about being super for God/ Then we sang a couple songs. They taught us one of their Spanish bible songs and we worked on teaching them Jesus Loves Me in English. After our big group time we split into their classrooms for crafts and coloring and handing out silly bands. We were there about 2 hours each day. Then it's back to the building for lunch then to help paint. We painted until dinner. Had dinner. Finally, went to the hotel where I went to bed and Matt stayed up playing cards for a while.

Day Four: Tuesday
Mostly same as Monday. Fun was had by many while painting. Jokes played. Paint roller wars. Pictures taken. Songs sang.

Day Five: Wednesday
Mostly same as Monday and Tuesday.

Garrett's 6th Birthday

Garrett celebrated several times for his 6th Birthday.

The first Party was singing and cupcakes at Small Group.

Next was Donuts brought to Bible class to share with friends.

3rd was Family dinner with all the family up here. We had pizza/cake and presents. It's been great for the kids to get to share these things with family up here for once.

4th was Mommy surprising him at school to read books as pass out Spiderman stickers.

5th and final celebration was an actual party at Fun and Games here in town. All in all he had 8 kids. a couple school friends and a couple church friends. It was a blast. They played arcade games, did some laser tag, ate cake, won prizes, and had a blast being boys (with Emma and Daisy being the only girls). He loved it and keeps asking to go back again.

All in all he had a great time turning 6!

Emma and Garrett sing at church

December 18, 2012

This past weekend was our church's Celebration of Jesus program.

Emma helps sing Feliz Navidad Emma, Garrett, and the rest of the 1st - 3rd graders sing Candle of Hope