Welch Family Journal

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Terrible Twos at 14 months

Garrett has hit the terrible two's at 14 months. He has been working on throwing tantrums but untill tonight he hadden't gone too far with them. Tonight, Emma was feeding him ice cream. She finished up her bowl and brought it to me to throw way. Garrett was NOT happy about the ice cream being done. He cried at me adn I said "Sorry baby. It's gone. Go play with the big kids" he looked at me, stuck out his lip (far) and started crying. I wen tot my purse and gave him his cup. He looked at it and threw it down, mad at me. I swatted him hand and said "No throw" He cried harder. I tried to lead him into the middle of the gym to play. He looked at me, still crying, raised his right arm like he was going to hit. Kept it raised while he ran 15 feet to the wall and slapped the wall (below my purse), lowered himself to the floor and laid down crying. I had to turn away from him I was laughing too hard. He was apparently very mad I was not pulling ice cream out of my purse. So, even though he's 14 months. Apparently the twrrible two's have begun. Lovely. I called Granny and Aunt Tanya to tell them of his adventures. Granny said she was proud of him being so advanced and I could send him down there if I was ready to ship him off. Tanya said he needed a good pounding. . . . hummmm . . . Which one spoils him?

Friday, May 25, 2007

emmas graduation outfit

Emmas crush

This is emma and clayton. (her crush)

Listen for the high pitched girly flirting laugh. . . . this laugh has only been used for clayton so far.

Riverfest 2007

Tonight the kids and I went to Riverfest with the Noel clan and the Bowsmans. It was a lot of fun! Emma and I got our faces painted. We watch some "world famous" dog do tricks. Then the best was the Brian Kinder concert. He was so good. Emma loved it and was down front dancing and playing the whole time. One song he did he had a teddy bear he'd throw to a kid and have them throw it back. Emma and Claire both had a turn to catch it and throw it back. They were so excited! Garrett had fun eating and dancing with Maddy and Allie. Emma, Emmy, and Claire also went into the blow-up jumping thing. I am very glad we went and that we went with good friends. Thanks Mrs. Michelle for telling us about it and inviting us to tag along!

Pink flowers with purple centers. :)

Food is good.

The baldheaded man down front is Mr. Tommy. Emma's in the ponytail and blue t-shirt.

Fun times!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fairy Pictures

Here's one of Emma's fairy picture we had taken my Amy Kelton (www.amykeltonphotography.com) last weekend. They turned out soooo great! I was so glad we had them taken. . . . . Notice the butteryfly that was specially requested by Emma for Granny.

We went to our first trip to Wild River Country yesterday. Emma was super excited. For some reason she slipped several times and her knees and ankles ended up looking like she "fought the pool and the pool won" but she wa svery big about it and didn't cry at all. She just kept getting back up and going at it again. Garrett loved the pool when he was 6 month old. . . . not so much this time. He pouted and cryed for 10 minutes. Once I put his crocks on him he finally would walk around in the water adn play at the water table. He still didn't like the water to go above his knees. Well, he'll just have to get used to it since we will be there a ton this summer! :)

Playing at the water table:

Emma's new swimsuit. I didn't really want to go with a two piece but I figured it'd be eaisest for going potty. :) This was the one that covered the most at wal-mart!

Nursery Department Graduation

Tonight was Emma's graduation at Bible Class. She has officially graduated out of the Nursery Department and into the preschool department. It wa s acute ceremony. They came in and had snacks for the kids while a movie played of a few pictures of each kid. Then, they all stood up and sang a couple of songs. Next came the teachers haveing the kids pass out presents to their mommys and go back and get their new bibles and diplomas. The presents had a photo album filled with every picture that's been taken of your child while in Bible class and a bag with candy for the kiddos. I love the photo album. There are tons of pictures. I did notice something though. Every time emma and isaacs clases were together those two were right next to each other! I also had a proud moment tonight. When the kids were standing up singing their songs one of emmas friends was still sad and kinda weepy so she went up to him and was rubbing him on the back adn smiling at him to try to help sooth him, all on her own. I was so proud of my sweet girl!

(more pictures to follw after Mrs. Kellie emails them to me :) she took still pictures and i attempted the video camera)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Emma has a crush

My 3 year old daughter has a serious crush on a little boy in her class. HIs name is Clayton and he's 4. He really is a sweet kid and kinda cute (for a 4 year old). Now don't get me wrong she still loves Isaac, but more as a bestfriend I think. I was watching her today with Clayton and she did the high-pitched girly giggle everytime he talked. My 3 year old was flirting! She was holding his hand a lot. She only wants to play with Clayton on the two days he's at daycare. (even more than any of her girly friends) She kept asking if she could go to his house and if he could come to her house. When I asked her "Is clayton your boyfriend?" She actually blushed and nodded. Too cute.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Family Night

We went to the play tonight and our picture taken.

Visiting Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank

We had a great time visiting Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank. The kids loved to play with Judys cat. . . . Even if he didn't enjoy them. :) It was great to get to see family and friends again. Kenny's dinner theater was great as well! Poor Emma was quite a trooper. She had 102 temp the whole way up. Then was carsick the whole way back.

Miss Priss

playing in the dirt

What could be more fun than playing in the dirt together?

This is what happens when the big kids don't want to play the way you want to play . . . .

Mommy distracts him with flowers.

Then the reward . . . a bath!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yea Tanya

Aunt Tanya made all A's this semester! Congratz! We are all so proud of her. :)

Will trade brother for . . . .

a puppy . . . wait . . .what?! Where did this come from? We were in MO this weekend and the kids loved Aunt Judy's cat. Went bonkers over it. Then yesterday when we were driving from one Dr to the other checking to see if any of us had strep ( since we were with mom all weekend we needed to be sure)and Emma says from the back seat "I want a puppy" I ignore the comment and hope she doesn't say it again. Then she says "Mommy" (ok now i have to listen) "yes baby?" "If we drop Garrett off at Isaac's house, then we can get a puppy" I laugh out loud! I have to say "No honey, we're not trading your brother for a puppy. When mommy says she doesn't want a puppy because she already has two kids and a daddy to take care of, it doesn't mean we can trade one for the other" How funny! I told her maybe we'll get a fish for Christmas. Oh the wonderful ways a 3 year olds mind works. :)

Mrs. Kellie is my HERO

Last Wednesday night I was cornered and put into a 3rd grade classroom to teach. Yikes! I am NOT used to older kids! I grabbed Kellie in the hallway and said "save me!" She came to my rescue above and beyond. It was awesome. She totally took charge of the class and I sat back and helped with crowd control. I could not have done it without her. Thank you Kellie! You are truly my hero!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's lost in there

I have had fun teaching Emma to spell things. She now likes to say "G-O-GO" We have been working on "S-T-O-P-stop" I wanted to show off her skills to Granny and Big Daddy this weekend. So I ask Emma tell Granny 'stop' the way I taught you. She scrunched up her face, cocked her head to the side, and put her hand on her head, and said "I can't" I ask why and she says "It's lost in there" (pointing to her head). Apparently she was just tired or she found it during the night, because the next day she did it fine :) Too cute!

We were reading the story of Joshua and the great wall. She asked why the walls came down. I explained the best I could to a 3 year old. I said "they obeyed God and he gave them the city to go in" She looks at me and says "but they could have used the door" I had to snicker at that one. :)