Welch Family Journal

Friday, October 07, 2011

Kindergarten Field Trip

Garrett's Kindergarten took a class trip to the Apply Orchard. He was so excited to 1. ride a school bus for the first time, 2. go on his first school field trip, and 3. go apple picking for the first time.

Apple donut and apple cider snack

Getting ready to feed the goats

Class photo

Whale Watch

After a failed attempt the day before, we headed back into Boston on Friday and made it to the Whale Watch Tour. It was a beautiful day! The kids were super excited!

Ready to Go
A bit windy in the front of the boat on the way out

Watching for water spouts

Playing on the boat on the way back to land

New England Aquarium

Last week we rode the T into Boston trying to make the Whale Watch Tour. When we got there the tour was closed for that day because of unsafe seas. Thankfully, Matt had gotten the Aquarium pass from the library. So we made it an Aquarium day. It was fun! We saw Sea Lions getting their teeth brushed. We saw a Seal Show with a seal named Isaac- who was acting up and not obeying. Let's just say we joked about the Seal and our friend Isaac. It was funny. :)

The kids loved the 3 level middle huge tank. They saw penguins, huge sea turtles, sharks, manta rays, and crazy fish.

Emma loved getting to hold a starfish. Garrett was finally convinced to touch a starfish.

After we'd spent a couple of hours looking at all the displays we headed over to the IMAX to see the Sharks 3D movie. it was pretty cool.

Next we were all hungry (despite the popcorn and pretzel we'd had at the movie) so we went to Quincy Market. There is every food you can think up so we all got what we wanted and finally found a bench to sit on to eat. Next, we did a quick tour of Fanueil Hall then a Carousal ride before heading back to the house.

Puppy's bday party

If you know my son at all you know the importance of his "white" puppy in his life. White is in "" because the dog started out as white but has been so loved that even after I bleach the thing it's still dingy. But man that thing is so loved! Well, we had an early release day last week from school. It turned into a chilly and rainy day. The kids were bored and G wanted to have a bday party for Puppy. We went to the store and bought cookies and birthday plates. When we got back to the house, the kids made party hats and assembled the party-goers. Our new friend Brooke (age 5) was also in attendance.

Free Fenway Game

A couple of weeks ago we were given Free Fenway Tickets. It was a wonderful gift from great people at church. It was supposed to be a chilly night so we layered up and headed out. We drove into Boston and parked. The kids were super excited because this would be Emma's 2nd Fenway game and Garrett's 1st Fenway game. Both have been to other Red Sox games but not at Fenway. The tickets we had were great. We were in a upper section where we had our own "waiter" to order food/drinks and he'd bring them to us. We had a great view of the field as well. The kids did better than I expected. They made it to the 5th inning before starting with the "Im cold", "Im tired", "can we leave yet" act. All in all they had fun and it was a fun family trip.

Of course we had to get a picture of Wally!