Welch Family Journal

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I gave birth to my sisters baby!

I think somehow I gave birth to Tanya's child. Emma is way too much like her.
1. chews on her fingernails
2. drama queen
3. likes lettuce
4. allergic to paba (in sunscreen)
5. concerned with boogers too much
6. likes to wash her hands 500 times a day
7. talks all day long (ok this one could be me too)

I can't wait untill she has a baby in several years and i get MY child.

real tears

Yesterday Emma was told "No" by daddy and so of course she came over to me whining. She laid her head down on my knee for a second then started to walk away. Looked back at the knee. Looked at me and said "where is it?" Yeah, she was asking where her tear mark was. Because the last couple of times she's cried on my shoulder she looks up and sees the wet spot and asks what it is. So this time she was loooking fo rit. I laugh and say "there isn't one, you didn't cry enough tears to make one." She looks at me, lays her head on my knee and begins to cry again. She does this off and on for a good couple of minutes trying to cry enough to make a wet spot on my knee. Silly girl!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Our "little" boy

Garrett is gi-normous . . as his father would say . . .He weighs 14 lbs at 2 months old. Which is in the 95%tile of kids his age. He no longer fits in 0-3 month outfits for the most part. Also, I tried on two different sleepers the other night that were 3-6 month that were already too short for him. He's in the 75%tile for height. So he is sleeping in a 6 month sleeper, which is only slightly too big for him.

He loves to be held (*cough* granny spoils him *cough*). He has really started smiling and cooing a bunch after he's been fed and before he falls asleep. He is doing a great job holding his head up. He LOVES his big sister! Here's him watching the red Sox with Daddy.

Smiling for the camera and mommy.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Old McDonald

Emma likes to sing Old McDonald had a farm. The ;ast three times we've sung it we begin to sing . . . "Old McDonald had a farm E I E I O, and on that farm he had a ____________ (then we let her fill in which anumal she wants to sing) and the last three times it's been 'baby cow', 'mommy cow', 'daddy cow', and 'duck'. lovely. Today we went through all of them. BUt as we were singing the duck round. "with aquack quack here and a quack quack there, here a quack "WAIT" yells emma. "I want to change it" Silly me assumes she means she wants to change which animal we are singing so I ask "OK which animal do you wnatto do?" She says "No. I sing, with a quack quack band here and a quack quack bang there . . ." And she trails off and gives me a big ol' goofy smile. Thanks Isaac Rine for teaching my daughter a duck says "quack quack bang"!

Today we left the house to go return a few things to target. We get onto Maumelle Blvd and Emma says 'I need go pee pee in the potty" I roll my eyes and think 'well of course you do. here we are on the road just me and the two kids in the 93 degree heat trying to get to target' I say (outloud) "Baby there's no potty in the car." She replys "there's one in the gas station" smart one that kid. I think about it for a second and ask her if she can hold it in untill we get to the gas station. She says yes so I get over and pull off. We unbuckle our carseats, grab brothers seat, and run into the gas station bathroom. To my surprise her pull-up is dry and after a couple of seconds she does pee pee some in the potty. YES! a triumph for potty training! I say "I am so proud of you sweetie. You did so good." she smiles and says "granny so proud" I smile back and reply "yes she is and we can call her later to tell her how good you did" . . . not to lesson the success any but then she didn't say anything the next few hours and just peed in her pull-up like she often does. This potty training thing is a lot harder than it first seems. dang.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Catch up

Several entries today to catch everyone up on our oh so interesting lives.
One: We went to Crazy's for lunch Sunday with the Rines. Afterwards the kids and I went back to the building to go to Michelle's baby shower. Emma acted crazy at lunch adn really needed a nap. I was regreting taking her with me as soon as I pulled into the church parking lot. Thankfully Matt called to tell me he loved me (guess it was rather obvious how stressed I was with the kids at lunch). I told him I wished I'd sent Emma with him. He said he was still somewhat nearby so he come get her. yes! So I went to the shower and actually enjoyed myself. On the way home with Emma matt went by the military base entrance and had been telling Emma about the tank they were going to pass. Sadly it wasn't there because they were digging or something. Matt looked in the rearview mirror and emmas little lip was quivering she was really looking forward to seeing it. So later that night when she asked again to see pictures of the tank on the computer he showed her. She honestly sat there 15 minutes asking "I want to see another one". What a tomboy!

Two: Garrett is officially 2 months old now. He had his 2 month check up today and all is going good. The special formula and Zantax are working wonders with his reflux. The last few nights he has only gotten up twice to eat. He has a stuffy nose that's causing his discomfort but we are now abole to take OTC's for that so he should be doing much better in a few hours. He loves his Big Sister best of all. If he's crying she's on her way to be right at his side. If it's in the house she's next to him saying "mommys comming. just a minute. it's ok brother." If it's in the car, she'll hold his hand swhile saying "It's ok. I here." Too sweet. And usually he'll quite down for her if she keeps talking to him. He can now smile big ol' smiles if he's happy and full. He has begun to coo more. Saturday he fit into a 3-6 month onsie top but not the shorts that match it. He is quite a chunker. He weighs a few ounces less than Riley Clement who is 6 months old! His stats from today are: weight: 14lbs 6oz. (95 percentile) height: 23 1/2in (75 percentile)

Three: I was feeding Garrett yesterday and wanted the burp rag that was on the floor. Emma was nearby so I asked "Can you get me that rag?" (usually she jumps at the chance to help out) She was in the process of taking her shoes off. She looked up at me holding one shoe and said "No. My hands are full" ok way too grown-up! I asked her to put the shoe down then hand me the rag. She looked at me a moment contemplating whether that would really work, then obeyed with a smile.

Four: Emma was playing with her baby the ther day. She went up and took down a basket from the shelf. Took out the toys and put her baby in. matt and i didn't really pay attention because she's always putting her baby places adn playing like she sleeping. That was untill she started talking about "Baby Moses". So, here's a picture of Emma and Baby Moses. Gotta love those Bible class lessons!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Summer fun

It is officially summer when you get the sprinkler out. Which is exactly what Emma and i did this morning. It was abunch of fun to go out and play in the water with her. Garrett got fussy a couple of times and I had to come back to the kitchen and pop a passy back in the hand him over to Daddy to take a bottle but otherwise he let us have fun pretty good. In two weeks Mandy starts comming over on Friday mornings to watch Garrett so Emma and I can go to Wild River Country. Kellie is supposed to buy a pass so she and Isaac can meet us there as well. Emma's excited about going down the duck slide, sitting on the floating Alligator, and haveing Graham working there. We have only gone to WRC once last summer but when I said where I was going she said "With the duck slide. I sit on the alligator" Good memory. So, thank you to Corrie and Ainsley for letting us go with you last year!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day weekend


Emma, Garrett, Tanya, and I went to texarkana this weekend to spend the holiday with Granny and Me-me. It was a good weekend. We left Little Rock around 2:30 friday. We got to visit with me-me and po-po when we got into town. Then on to Granny and Big Daddys. Saturday morning their neighbors were haveing a garage sale. Granny and i talked about if I should go over. I told her we didn't need anymore stuff or anything for garrett but I needed to call my cousin and see if she had anymore clothes that we could borrow for Emma since she needed clothes and was in wierd sizes. Well then Granny up and takes us to wally world and buys emma several outfits. Thanks Granny!

Then Tanya and I spent the afternoon watching back to back epsidoes of "America's Next Top Model" A dumb show . . . yet so addicting! Good bonding time for Tan and myself.

Sunday was Mother's Day. Tanya got me a pretty blue scrapbook for pictures of Garrett. Matthew got me a renewed Zoo membership. Thank you to both of you! After we ate we had to go back and help tanya decide what to pack for her mission trip. Mom helped a bunch! While working on this process she found a necklace that had a broken chain. Tan took it to po-po for him to try and fix. When she was telling popo about it Emma listened in. Emma looked at Tanya and with a concerned look on her face asked "you broke ur necklace?" Tanya said "yeah I did" Emma got a really concerned look on her face, leaned in and gave Tanya a hug saying "I sorry" how cute is that?! What a sweet 2 year old.

Another funny: In emma's class at grannys church they always give the kids a package of smarties when class is over. Well Emma was eating hers in the pew right before church was starting. Tanya asked her if she could have one and emma said "no. they to sour for you"

We got home Sunday and Aaron met us at my house to pick up Tan. She's leaving ehr car with us while they are on campain since matt broke his car we needed another one. Emma goes outside to play in the sand. Who dies she call to come play? the aunt who spoils her? nope. the daddy she hasn't seen all weekend? nope. . . airy of course. :) Then we decide to go to Mr. Pancho's for dinner, We sit down and Emma's eating cheesedip like there's no tomorrow. We eventually run out of chips and have to wait a couple of minutes for more. She looks around and put her hands up in a shrug and says "we just have to use our fingers". good thinking outside the box baby but please don't!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Emma has had a great couple of days. Yesterday morning the clement family came over to play. Then after nap Abby and Izzy came over. Then it was time for Bible class. Now today Isaac is here to play. Tomorrow we get to ride with Aunt Tanya to Granny and Big Daddys house! How much fun can one girl take?! We love our friends!

Also a big HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY MANDY HOWELL!! We love ya!

Also Happy Birthday Grammie and Great Grammie!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sucker or sweet guy? you decide.

Airy- sucker or sweet guy? Sunday we had Senior sunday at church. It was good and we enjoyed it. By the time we got home Tanya and Aaron were there already. By this time it was 1ish. Meme and Popo were supposed to be coming for a little bit sometime that afternoon and we were going to huddle group at 5:30 like always. Somehow I was supposed to get emma to take a nap during all this. I called mepo when we got home and they were 30 minutes away so we opted to give her a nap after they left. Emma was showing Tanya and Airy her bike helmet she got free from the saftey booth at the Zoo saturday. Then she decides she really wants to ride her bike. Her usual person who always give in to her (tanya) said no ask airy. Emma began pulling him off the couch. He gave in and took her out to ride her bike. So, you decide sucker or sweet guy? I say a bit of both. :) especially sice I left out the part about Emma not knowing how to ride her bike yet so it was more like Aaron pushing her on the trike while she pretends to pedal. Thanks Airy!

As I mentioned before the kids and I went to the Zoo saturday morning. Emma really enjoyed it. Garrett slept through it. Then we went to a church friends 4 year birthday party at the park. Though we only stayed long enough to blow bubbles and eat since it was getting colder and sprinkling by this point.

Today we just got back from a picnic at the park with the clement clan. It was a bunch of fun and I even drug our picnic basket out to make it more fun. It was emma's first "real picnic". And probably the first time we'd used the picnic basket since Matt proposed to me 500 years ago. We sure are gonna miss those Clements when they move.

I would also take a moment to tell everyone out there who may read this how happy we are Chad married Mary. My daughter is IN LOVE with her. She talks about Mary. Likes to see and hug Mary. Wants to sit by and play with Mary. And Mary is a wonderful person who always makes time for Emma and plays with her. Thanks Chad for bring MAry into lives and thanks Mary for being so wonderful!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

uh-oh I smell trouble

The rines came over to our house last night so Matt and Casey could work on DVD/computer stuff for the youth group. which means Kellie and I got to socialize and Emma and Isaac got to play. All was going pretty good, only a couple of minor not shareing issues. So, they are upstairs playing and after a few minutes Kellie says "it's awfully quiet up there" then we hear screaching. She asks "should we check on them?" I say "Naw that's happy screaching." So we leave them alone. About 10 minutes later they both come down the stairs NAKED as the day they were born! we all bust out laughing and ask them what they were doing. Then Isaac says "Emma change me" We go upstairs to find where Emma had taken off Isaac's poopy diaper, gotten into the wipes box, and tried to change him. There's poop on the floor surrounded by wipes. My 2 1/2 year old saw he was poopy and tried to change it for him. Kellie and I bust up laughing again. I pull out the steam vac and carpet cleaner and we get the kids dressed. Then we have a talk about if they need to go potty then come get us and we'll go to the potty or if they need their diapers changed to come get us and we'll do it. I think I'm going to work even harder adn potty trining now. If she's big enough and smart enough to try to change her friends diaper and her own then it's time to be going on the potty! I found this funny and thought you'd get a laugh out of it too.