Welch Family Journal

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept 1st week updates

Recent Updates:

The kids are doing great in school. They love going each day. They are making lots of friends, even if they don't always remember the new friends names.

Friday we went to Garrett's Kindergarten picnic. We brought a picnic dinner. They had it on the blacktop by Emma's big playground. They hired a kid friendly DJ and had a rocking party. I met a couple of parents from his class. It was a cute time.

Matthew got to go back to LR for a few days. The rest of us were quite jealous! Glad he got to go and see special friends though.

After he flew back in we loaded up the van and went to CT for a family bday party. That was fun to get to see those family members again. Of course emma and garrett were super excited that Calvin and Lucas (cousins) were there.

I had another interview last week. We'll see how it goes. . . . though gotta say, kinda enjoying staying home without kids right now. I know we will eventually need to eat and buy gas and then this whole not working things gonna stink. But for now, it's a nice break from all the activities I was either in charge of or co-in charge of in LR. ;)

Matt's really enjoying the Youth Group time up here. We've been to several people's houses for dinner/get together and have already made several friends. Matt's taking the YG to Six Flags New England this Saturday. Should be great. Due to lack of extra transportation, the kids and i will be staying home. . . . Maybe next time.

One of the YG kids parents walked up to Matt Sunday and handed him 4 Red Sox tickets. (Nice) so we're taking Emma to her 2nd and Garrett to his 1st Fewnway game this Friday. Sadly, somehow after 11 years of marriage I have no Red Sox clothing. So I am trying to decide on a new top for the game since the rest of my family has Red Sox attire.

Then Sunday Matt's going to a Patriots game. The next Wednesday Matt's going to another Red Sox game. (The Pat's and other Sox tix were bday/xmas gifts he already had from his mom and sister.) So he has a busy sports filled bday week coming up. . . .Ps his bday is Wed, Sept. 21. :)

We had a couple of cold days last week and I realized I didn't have my and matt's fall/winter clothes boxes here. So I finally went to the storage shed and found them, the day before it got hot again. :) But Fall is quickly approaching up here. One of the good things about this fall/winter time up here is I get new clothes! I don't have nearly enough winter clothes to support myself up here. ;) Darn.

Kids are still loving the Library up here. They love that's its within walking distance so I let them get books and movies all the time. They also love getting to run into their Grammie (and Aunt Jesse) almost every time they go there.

That's about all this past week had in store. I will update more as it happens.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

AR friends- partial list

A slide show of a few of our friends we left behind.

1st day of school 2011

The kids started school on Wednesday, August 31st. They will both be attending Lilja elementary. They were so excited to start their new school! They had their new back packs. Their new lunch boxes. And their new school outfits (from Aunt Jesse).

New school clothes

New Selena Gomez backpack!

New Lego Star Wars backpack and Star Wars lunch box!

Waiting to be shown to his classroom.

Wingasheek Cousin Day

The day before the Hurricane was supposed to hit we took a big family group to Wingasheek Beach. :) In all we had: Great Grammie, Grammie, Aunt Linda, Aunt Ginger, Ginger's two boys (Calvin (15) and lucas (11), Aunt Jesse, Jesse's little friend Brooke (5), me, and my two kids (E (7) G (5))

We had a lot of fun with the family! Emma spent the day following the big boys around. She has a bit of a cousin crush on her cousin Calvin. It's super sweet. Of course my kids think they belong with all teenagers so it wasn't a surprise when she opted to follow them around all day. To give the boys credit, they included her perfectly. It was great! G, well he kinda marches to his own drum and had fun playing in the sand near the adults.

Boston Children's Museum

Recently Grammie (Matt's mom), the kids and I went to the Boston Children's Museum.(www.BostonChildrensMuseum.org). We opted to drive in instead of taking the train. Yes, Marti drove in Boston! Grammie had reserved the Library passes for us so the entrance fee was only 1/2 it's usual cost. . . .LOVE library passes!

The first thing we noticed was the sign that said "New exhibit- Wizard of Oz" Yes!!

Emma started off climbing this next thing that went up 3 stories and back down again. Garrett didn't want to do that. :) Don't blame him. It was pretty crowded.

1st the "Science Playground" where they saw live animals (yes even a snake I accidentally glimpsed), a microscopes.

The bubble room (sorry they are sideways)

The "raceway". A room with several large marble tracts that helped you calculate gravity and speed.

Emma's Favorite. The Art room. This day they were using tools Architects use.

Johnny's Workbench room. Real Saws!

In the Arthur and Friends room.

Video of Garrett and Emma playing with the interactive wall projections.

Peep's World room. (water and Sand play mostly)

Writing with the glow wand

G's favorite room, Construction Zone!

This next section is for Madi and Mrs. Allison. :)
Following the Yellow Brick Road

Finally the Wizard of Oz room.

Trying to stand in the tilting farmhouse

Making a horse of a different color

Controlling the Wizard

Getting to be brave while crawling through the Lion's tunnel

Making gears run with the Tin Man

Riding the bike (toto in the basket)

"Im a horse boy"
Theory- "If a cow boy rides a horse. then a horse boy rides cows"
Straight from my 5 year old's mouth! Pretty good theorizing.

Making a tornado

Climbing a wall in the Kid Power area

Playing basketball

Trying to follow the pattern on the light up floor

Here's the kids vidoes of them trying to pull themselves up.