Welch Family Journal

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great Grandparents

While on vacation in t-town for spring break, the kids spent some quality time with me-po. (while mommy and granny ran! back to granny's and had quite time to read books and watch TV) They got to make cookies, play games, go outside (though it was cold), eat candy, play more games, and so on. They had a ton of fun with their GREATgrandparents. I'm so glad my children are getting to know me-me and po-po as well as Tanya and I did growing up.


Garrett was in a yelling contest with Big Daddy (which Big Daddy started I might add) then as Big Daddy was walking off, Garrett said "where you going?" Big daddy replied with "getting my batman suit" Garrett looked up with surprise and awe "your batman suit?" . . we all laughed it off . . .until about 30 minutes later this is what comes out . . . .

At first Garrett didn't know what to think. He finally though it was pretty great and began "flying" with Big Daddy. What a super grandpa!

Home sweet home

The kids and I took off a few days of Spring Break and went to old T-town to spend some quality time with the grandparents. It was too cute . . . we had been there maybe 2 minutes and emma sat down on the couch, let out a sigh, and said "ahhh it's good to be home" . . . how cute is that?! I totally felt the same way. I love getting to go "home" so often and having it be a huge part of my children's lives too.

Old Mill 2009

Here are our Old Mill 2009 Pictures.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Garrett 3 year Birthday

I can't believe it my little boy is 3 years old now! He is quite the ham pretty much at all times. He is questioning mommy's authority more lately and trying things his own way. He wants to do almost everything "all by myself". Most things I let him at least try. :) He is (thankfully) still a snuggler. He sleeps great! He will stay in his bed either asleep or laying there quietly on saturday mornings until Mommy gets up and tells him he can get up. He is going to have an awesome memory, just like his sister. He thinks his sister and Isaac hung the moon. He LOVES The Little Einsteins, especially Rocket. He also loves, trains, batman, and pretending to be a puppy or kitty. He has a great imagination. Oh there's so much more but I don't have all night to go on . . .

Thursday, Emma's PreK-3 teacher (from last year) made Garrett a Happy Birthday hat to wear on Friday. He wore it the rest of the day Thursday and most of the day Friday.

Friday, Garrett got to take cupcakes to his friends at daycare. He loved being the center of attention. Then he got to go spend a couple of hours with Meme and Popo at their trailer. Then got to go with Granny to Tanya's house and play with Roxi. THEN, came home to Tanya's surprise party her friends had thrown her for passing her NCLEX test to be a "real" nurse.

Saturday, he had JOJO! over to his house, as well as a couple of other friends and family for his Little Einsteins party. The cake was Little Einsteins inspired. The rest of the party was all 7 kids running around the house playing with my kids toys. It was super easy and fun! He had a blast opening presents with his friends. Then enjoyed pizza, cake and ice cream. It was a fun weekend! He was super excited having Granny, Big Daddy, Meme, Popo, Tanya, and Sarah there. and of course JOJO! :) His favorite friend (as he says)