Welch Family Journal

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Tanya


We are now taking donations for the pony Tanya wants for her Birthday. Matt found one in the LR Classifieds for $800. So far we have already raised the dime and penny Emma has and I'm sure Abby will give her change to the cause (money burns a hole in her pocket anyway). Just send your money to Marti and it will be put to good use! Thanks so much!

Watch out it's catching!

1st Emma jumped off a too high step and hurt her foot so bad she couldn't walk on it for 3 days.

Next, the boy in the play put his leg through the stage and couldn't walk.

Now, I've been informed Abby fell down while going to pick Izzy up at Mother's Day Out and she can't walk on her foot. They are waiting to see if it's bad enough to go to the Dr. tonight or if she can just rest it for a while.

SO, everyone be careful! it's apparently catching!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The show must not go on

Today we went to the Arkansas Children's Theater production of 'This little Piggy went to market'. It is a funny story with a cajun twist. The shows are usually 1 hour long. We were about 40 minutes into it and the house lights come up, a lady comes out on stage saying "we have to stop the show. Bret hurt himself really bad. I'm not sure what we're going to do for you. Maybe if you could keep your ticket stubs we can get you a rain ticket for another preformance. He has really hurt himself bad and can't continue" I have to be honest I didn't see anything onstage but Kellie said she saw him put his leg through the stage when he was jumping around. I applaud him for finishing the scene without letting on to all the young children that something was terribly wrong. I pray that he will be ok and not hurt too bad. The problem with trying to continue the rest of the play without him was that there were no understudies. So we were all let out 15 minutes early with the hopes of coming back when either he is bandaged up or when they can find a stagehand that knows the lines. Until that point it was a very good production. I had to explain a few things to Emma to help her figure out what was going on but not too much. Not nearly as many questions as Marci had with Abby. (Marci and Abby went with us. Kellie, Isaac, and Mimi met us there too) Apparently Abby was full of questions like "I wonder where those people sleep" Marci explains this is there job they work at, when they are done they go home to their houses. "I see" then after too many questions she is told to stop asking questions. Then you hear "I sure do wish I knew where they go when they go off to that dark area" Not tech. a question there Abby, sneaky sneaky. I was laughing most of the way back to their house being told about all the questions Abby asked. I must say that according to the answers Marci told her, Marci did a great job answering all the questions.

But I want to play

Last night we put Emma to bed around 9:30 because she had a long late nap. Usually we can hear the floorboards creaking above us if she gets out of bed after we put her down. Last night we dropped the ball majorly. About 10:15 we hear her singing to herself on the steps. I got up and went to see what was going on. Apparently we had totally missed hearing her go into her brothers room and take a passy, go down the steps and get her cup, paper, and colors. She was laying at the top of the steps using the hall night light to color. I looked at her and said "What do you think you are doing?" She got up and started heading to bed. I said "Um, if you think you're getting out of a spanking on this one you are wrong" So I swatted her bottom (not too much though because I was hiding a laugh). I put her back in bed and she stared to cry. I then went on saying "When mommy and daddy put you to bed it's time to lay down and start going to sleep. It's not play time." She shrugged her shoulders up and said (through her tears and in a 'matter of fact voice') "But I want to play". So apparently if you WANT to play then it must be time to play! I said "Sorry baby but it's real late and it's time to start falling asleep" I went downstairs and relayed all this to Matt. We had a laugh about it then finished our TV show. (LOVE the DVR) We only had about 10 minutes left. Then I went upstairs to bed and she was out like a light already. Ah the things they come up with! love it!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hidden Hazard

Emma and Isaac have always been allowed to jump off the steps dowstairs as long as they count 1,2, then jump off that one. well i was in the kitchen with Tanya yesterday and we hear crying. Emma's laying at the bottom of the steps crying that she hurt her foot. Then I see how . . . as Isaac jumps off the 3rd step. I hold her and love on her a few minutes and try to get her to walk on it. She crys everytime she trys. So I call Granny . . . .our resident nurse. She says give her advil and TLC and she should be ok in the morning. So I indulge her and carry her around the house all night. She wakes up and still won't walk on it. All day long she refuses to walk on it even at daycare with her friends playing around her. So we go to the Dr and he x-rays it. Thankfully no fractures or breaks! He says she prob sprained it or pulled a tendon. She needs advil 3 times a day and keep trying to walk on it. Give her some TLC and attention for a couple of days and she'll be fine. She is now crawling around the house to avoid walking on it. It's going to be a long couple of days but hopefully we'll make it through. :)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Rat

Saturday we went to "The Rat" otherwise known to small children as Chuck E. Cheese. Isaac has been wanting to go ever since November when we told him Emma was haveing her Birthday Party there. Then she changed her mind and wanted a princess party at home. So, ever since then poor Isaac has had his hopes up. So we induldged him and went. It was a tag team effort with both couples following the kids around the crowded place trying to do the games. It was fun for the most part. Emma and Isaac had a blast!

Riding Rides:

Trapped in the "penalty box". Garrett played behind the plexiglass on the smaller slide for over 8 minutes! He thought it was great to be able to see everybody.

Daddies haveing fun:

Friday, January 19, 2007


My sweet daughter just came out of the bathroom and said "watch out I'm a tooter!" matt and i laughed. Then she goes on to say "watch out I'll toot on you daddy!" we laughed again. THEN she proceeded to turn her bottom to us and toot at us! what has happened to my sweet little girl???

Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas in T-Town

We had Christmas with Granny, Big Daddy, Tanya, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Jason, Aunt Lulu, Uncle Greg, Caroline, Hannah, Me-me and Popo this weekend. It was a great time with family! The kids got up Sat morning, we ate donuts, then finally got the huge amounts of presents passed out. We made a great haul! My favorite present for me was the purple and silver bracelet with emma and garretts names on them and my new diaper bag.

Emma loved her new Pj's and pink shoes. I think she wore them the rest of the day and the next day! She loved all her new presents. Garrett loved the tissue paper and bags the most. :)

Emma had a TON of fun with Caroline and Hannah. She loves playing with them. I think the 3 were inseperable for two days.

Garrett enjoyed all the attention and food!

Family Photos:

Aunt Tanya was quite tired from going out with ehr friends so after the fun she went down for a nap with the kids.

Lots of people took naps with the kids:

Aunt Lulu being attacked!

Monday, January 08, 2007

call them hogs boy

For Big Daddy!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Painting our food

Yesterday Emma and I made "painted toast" for snack. We used food coloring to "paint" on the bread. Then we toasted it and ate it. It was a fun little project. Thank you Aunt Jesse for the kinder cookbook with the idea in it.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Baby Madigan

We had the fun of Baby Madigan coming to our house today. She was a good baby. The only semi-difficult part was keeping my mondo baby off of her. :) He loved her being here. Emma loved playing with a little baby. I was supprised Garrett didn't get jealous but once and that was when I was holding Madigan and Emma and not him too. All in all it was fun for all three kids and me. Thanks Mr. Ted and Mrs. Allison for shareing your sweet baby girl!

Shake, Rattel, and Roll!

In case you were wondering if this was freaking her out. It wasn't. She was actually laughing at him, even when he tried to grab her eyes. She just smiled at him.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas up North

We had a good visit to Natick. The kids did really well in the car most of the time. Garrett slept most of the way up there (thank you dramamine) except some car sickness and explosive poop on the way back. Emma did great watching our new car DVD player. We watched Little Mermaid at least 5 times and Strawberry Shortcake at least 5 times, plus parts of several others. They both did good untill about 4 hours from Natick. Then we hear from the back seat, over Garretts crying, "We should have gone in an airplane" Matt turns around and asks "Why baby?" Emma's reply "Because it's a lot faster" so true sweetie!

On the way back we played the driving game much better. We drove for a while then stayed in a hotel (did a load of laundry, thanks Garrett). Got up drove a while longer and stayed the night at the Clement Clan's new house. Which I might add is very nice and will suit their big family quite well. We went to church with the Clements. At lunch we told Emma to sit down and eat because we were gonna drive the rest of the way home. She burst into tears saying she didn't want to leave. We tryed to play seeing the Big Kids and Isaac card but she still didn't want to leave. If she didn't bat an eye at seeing Isaac after so long she must have really missed Caleb and Ian. So please come visit us soon and we'll try to find a long weekend where we can come up and spend some more time too!

Emma had a lot of fun up north. She got to help Jesse feed the dog, fish, and gummy bear (guinea pig). She got to help Jesse and Grammie decorate the Christmas tree. Jesse took her to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. She loved getting to play with Calvin and Lucas. She had so much fun opening her presents, Garrett's presents, and any one else's presents. She had fun handing out presents to everyone else too. She had fun playing at the Mall's playplace. She got to go to Build-a-bear and picked out the pink bear with a pink Red Sox outfit. She had fun going to the Library and playing in the castle.

Garrett had fun chaseing Jesse's Beagle around the house. At least he enjoyed it untill he followed him under a table and got stuck. He had fun being held and played with everywhere we went.

We were very blessed over this vacation. My favorite present? My "Dunkie Junkie" t-shirt . . . . because it's SO true. We literally had Dunkin Donuts every day we were up there!

Here's a few picts from our trip.
We stopped at a McDonalds on the way up and Emma loved this statue of Ronald. After we ate we were standing near it and Garrett tried to jump out of my arms and was talking to Ronald too.

At the Mall's Playplace

Clement Clan