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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why I am crazy

If anyone ever wonders why I'm crazy . . . here's why . . .

Monday, August 27, 2007

Too young to potty train?

What's the right age to potty train?

My just turned 17 month old son said "I potty" while pointing to the bathroom at daycare today. I decided to give it a try and see what happened. He tugged at his diaper. I took it off and sat him on the potty. He held on for a min then tried to pull toilet paper off and wipe his bottom. I don't know if I should really try it or not. I think I will take him when I'm taking my class at daycare and let him try but not worry about doing it too serious unless he shows signs of really being able to start to have controll over pottying. what do ya'll think?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Go Pats?

Matt was watching the Patriots on TV last night. Emma and I stayed downstairs as long as we could stand it, then we went upstairs to watch a girly show. I asked Garrett if he wanted to go with Mommy. He looked at me going up the stairs, looked at the TV and Daddy. Then went over to Mommys chair and sat down. (He's been a real Daddys boy here lately) So I went upstairs and told Matt to call me if he was too much trouble. A while later I hear Matt coming up the stiras saying "show mommy" I get ready for him with marker all over himself or somthing . . . He walks in with Emmas bike helmet on. Matt said he was watching the Tv and playing on the floor. He found the helmet in the toy box. Walked over to the Tv and looked at it, and brought the helmet over to Matt to put on him. He saw the football players with helmets on and wanted to be like them. :) too smart and cute! I know his daddy was proud!

Monday, August 20, 2007

worst mom entry

I forgot to FEED my daughter sunday afternoon! OMG! We went to McAllisters and I ordered a club sandwich and an order of cheese dip. My PLAN was to split the sandwich and cheesedip between me and my two kids. Well . . . . I tore some up for Garrett. Shared some cheesedip with Emma untill Aunt Tanya showed up and she was so excited. So I began to eat my part of the sandwich. Then I ate the whole sandwich and disposed of the trash. I kept munching on the cheesedip and noticed my daughter sitting over there with nothing in front of her but a very small fruit bowl Mr. Casey had offered her earlier. Dang! At that point Ms. Kellie and Tanya offered her the rest of their food. Which she turned down. whoops! I let my guard down and didn't pay 100% attention to my kids and see what happens! . . . . . In other news she ate dinner real well! :) . . . . . . Sorry Amy Lu I let you down.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Peek a Boo

Emma's first day at CAC preK3

Wednesday was CAC's first day of school. Emma could hardly sleep tuesday night she was so excited about going to school. We got up and got ready. We got there way too early because mommy cannot judge time and distance very well. :) Oh well no biggi. So we were the first ones there for her class. We went in and took a picture with Mrs. Workman. Then she was allowed to roam the small room and find whatever she could. She of course zeros in on the dress up and babies. I waited around untill Mrs. Kellie, King Casey, and Isaac showed up. Took a picture of them together, kissed her, and left. She didn't care one iota that I left! Ingrate! Oh well I guess that's good that she wasn't one of the ones crying and clinging to mommy's legs. She's so big. I thought about her all day. :) I couldn't wait to go pick her up. I got there after Mrs. Kellie and after she had already gone to after school care for 2 minutes because I didn't know they were sent to after school care automatically unless you told their teacher to bring them out to you in the drop off lane at 2:30. :) She let me know I was late. :) Even with that, she had a super first day. Today she had a great 2nd day. She is really liking school and Mrs. Workman.

CAC Sylvan Hills campus

Emma in her big girl car seat

Our big girl in her school uniform

Ms. Workman

The dress up area

Some of the girls in their uniforms

The cookies Mommy and Emma made to share her first day

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Garrett can speak in short sentences (if he chooses to). another teacher at daycare heard him say "i want ball" and last night at kroger he said "i want that" He's gonna be a smart one I think. . . . . Now don't get me wrong my almost 17 month old son isn't ready for Harvard or anything and usually uses words like "eat, eat" and "uhh" for what he wants. But he has shown us on several occassions he can speak. He does say a lot of "gdjhsefui gduehdj hduehf" while looking at you expecting you to respond to his statement. :) He does understand a great deal though, which I am thankful for.

Here puppy puppy

Today as I was trying to leave daycare Garrett started crawling on the floor saying "whoo whoo" (imagine a deep voice). then got up went and got his puppy (usually afixed to his arm anyway) and held the puppy in one hand "hopping" it along with him while he pretended to be a puppy. So at 16 months he understands enough about things to be able to pretend to be a puppy. Cute. . . . I remember a certain young girl also going up and down the halls at the same daycare pretending to be a puppy. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Emma on the other hand has decided she is a puppy. She is constantly crawling around saying ",mommy, puppy" she will pretend to eat puppy food and drink water out of your hand. She wants you to pet her like a puppy. She gets excited about puppies and dogs on TV.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

That's my boy

As some of you know I do not like lettuce at all and I do not like any dressings. My daughter on the other hand, likes to eat ceaser salad for her meals. We were at McDonalds last night adn she was eating her salad for dinner. After she was done, I gave Garrett a small bite of lettuce with dressing. He spit it out, picked it up off the chair, and threw it at me. ha! That's my boy!

lost in translation

Wednesday I gave Emma, Garrett, and Isaac a bath after daycare so they could go to church clean. I told Emma to go put on a skirt and a shirt because all her shorts were in the laundry. She came out in a
red fancy dress. I told her we were going to McDonalds so to go change. She insisted she wanted that dress. So I said fine. It wasn't untill I got to McDonalds I noticed the purple lineing to her dress. (red remember) I asked her if she had a skirt on under her dress. She said yes. I asked why? She said "you told me to" I laughed outloud and said "baby i said a skirt and shirt. not dress." I guess she figuered she didn't find a shirt she wanted to wear with her skirt so she wore a dress like a shirt. :) Ah the mind of a 3 year old.

Wonderplace $1 night

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Flamingos are back

We have been flamingoed by the Levy youth! We went to open house at Emma's CAC tuesday night and found these birds covering our yard. The kids LOVED them!

Tonight we loaded up Mrs. Kellies van and took the kids flamingoing to other people's houses. Isaac and Emma had so much fun being "sneaky".

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Memphis Family Weekend - play

After a nap in the car and a small one in the hotel we all got ready for dinner with the Mirante family. We had a good dinner then Garrett went with Ms. Catherine, Luke (4years old), and Mia (23 months old) to their house to play. Matt, Emma, and I went to Collierville for a community play that Chris (matt's friend from high school and college) was in. We took Emma because the play they did was Beauty and the Beast. So we wouldn't have as many questions, I had had emma watch the Disney movie this week. Once they got started with the intro song she said "we watched this at daycare". Once Belle started singing Emma looked at Matt and said "she sings beautifully" how cute. She did fairly well at watching the whole show despite being so very tired. She was a little antsy going from daddy's lap to mommy's to her chair. but all in a wasn't too bad. She spent most of the play on daddy's lap. It was cute to listen to some of the things she came up with. She is on the verge of understanding about plays and actors. She understood Lumiere was Luke's Daddy and he was dressed up to do the show. Then he'd take the make-up off and come back to lukes house with us. But she hasn't caught on to all the people in the play haveing other lives. At one point she was on my lap and said "why is belle sad?" I said "because she thinks she has to stay in the castle forever now" She thought then said "well does she?" I answered "no" She thinks again and says "After the show I will tell her she doesn't have to stay there forever. Then she will be happy" Too cute. She's on the verge of that understanding but not quite there yet. She wanted to have her picture taken with Mr. Chris, Belle, The prince . . . . but wouldn't take one with Gaston because he was mean to Belle and the Beast.

Mr. Chris as Lumiere

Belle . . . . sidenote (a mom of 1 year old triplets!)

The Beast after the spell was broken

It was a awsome show! I loved it! Mr. Chris did a super job and I'm glad we got to go see it! We will be looking forward to future shows that we can go see. Thank you Mr. Chris for inviting us. and a big Thank you to Ms. Catherine for watching Garrett so we could go to the show.

Memphis family weekend - Zoo

We had a family weekend in memphis this past weekend. It was wonderful! We drove over friday eve. The ride was fine. Both kids did good. We did find out the downside of using a cheap tickets online ordering was you didn't get to choose whether you had smoking or non-smoking room adn you couldn't change once you got there. So, we had a smoking room that has affected all our clothes and coughs. But we lived with it and didn't let it damper our weeeknd. :) We got there around 9ish. We got the kdis in and settled down an d everyone in bed. about 5 minutes later. We hear a loud Buzz then a man on an intercom saying "attention. an emergency has been reports. please go to the nearest sairs and exit. do no tuse the elevators." lovely! So we make our way down the stairs, trying to keep emma calm who is freaking out (see feb post about the fire alarm at daycare- now has an unhealthy fear of fire alarms and buildings on fire) We get outside adn notice no one at the front desk is moving or acting like they care. So we go in and ask if everythings alright. They say yes some kid pulled the alram out by the pool. We try to explain this to emma but you cna see the frea in her eyes and she trembling. so wesit down in the lobby and give her some time to clam down. She still doesn't want to go back up to our room but by this time it's getting late and garretts getting real tired and restless. Well, we go up and mommy sleeps in her bed with her (suctioned to mommy).

We got up late saturday morning (like 7:30am!) ok so not LATE but later than the 5am I've been getting up and the 6am the kids have been getting up. We got ready and went downstairs for a breakfast at the hotel. It was nice and good and filled us up but was kinda pricey. :) Then we went in search of teh Zoo. The Memphis Zoo was very hard to find if you don't zoom out enough on the website when you are looking at the directions. After 45 minutes of driving in circles we found the small signs and followed them to the zoo. It was so hot we were drinched in sweat as soona swe got out of the car. But we had a wonderful time. It was great getting to see all the animals. Getting to be there all together as a family. There were so many things to see and do.

We started out at the Big Cats. Garrett liked growling at them.

We got to get close to a turtle.

We got to watch part of a sea lion show and saw them jump out of the water.

We got to see a playful polar bear swimming in his tank.

We saw the pandas . . . although they were sleeping the whole time.


Daddy and Emma getting a closer look


We found birds for Big Daddy.

We held a butterfly for Granny. They had a butterfly house (you ahd to pay to go in) and there were tons fo butterflys flying around all the flowers. Matt sat down with garrett and one came over and landed on his heal. I went over and got him ti stand on my finger to show the kids (and takea picture for granny) We finally convinced Emma it didn't hurt to have him stand on her finger and she held him too. Then he wouldn't fly off. He just kept trying to land on her shoes. I guess because they were bright yellow with colorful jibbits in them. :) Then you ahve to walk out through a door with a powerful fan to make sure you don't take any stowaways with you.

We ate lunch at the Back Yard Burgers place where one wall of the building was glass and had a couple of monkeys swinging around out there. . . . needless to say Garrett didn't eat much!

Emma and Daddy went into the reptile house while mommy and Garrett found out you were allowed to swim in the fountain.

Then we played on the playground untill daddy and sissy found us. Then of course we had to explain outr wetness and sister wanted to go have a dip to cool off.

Hippos Granny Hippos!

It was super hot and tireing but man it was fun!

Fun at the aquarium

Monkey house

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sister teaching brother bad things

Garrett walked downstairs with a bag of cheetos, put them on my lap, and said "eat eat". Thank you for teaching him how to go into the pantry and pull out food. lovely. we really need a lock on the pantry door!

Is ketchup a vegetable?

Granny taught my son to dip fries in ketchup.
Garrett now wants ketchup with his Happy Meal.
This wednesday Garrett decided to eat the entire little container of ketchup almost eating the container!
Thanks Granny!