Welch Family Journal

Friday, May 20, 2011

May Updates

Emma's 1st Grade Fairy Tale Play

Emma had a "microphone part" . . . . typecasting at it's best! :)

Aunt Tanya made it for part of it!
Some of her girl friends
Emma's teacher, Mrs. Parker. She is an awesome teacher!
Emma's student teacher, Ms. Stout. She was an awesome teacher as well!
Garrett and Noah. Best Buds!

Garrett Graduated from Kindergarten

Singing their songs
Getting his Preschool Diploma
A group shot
Happy boy
Good friends
G and "little Emma"
Sweet neighbor Adi
Mrs. Tammy!
Jenna Winna Chicken Dinna
Sweet Madi Girl
His centerpiece

Emma's Field Day

Sand Art
FreezePop break
Face Paint
Water Ball Toss

April highlights

Princess on Ice
We went to Disney Princess on Ice with a group of Garrett and Emma friends.

Group Shot
My Prince
The Big Girls

Garrett's Girls

We had Easter Fun!

At our school party.

It was rainy, so we had to "hunt" in the gym.

The Easter Bunny came!

Eggs with Children's Church

Dyeing eggs just to make Aunt Jennifer happy. :)

Spring Sing
We took the kids to their first ever Spring Sing at Harding. They loved it. Emma left saying "I can't wait till I'm in college"

These are two of our favorite "big kids"!

New Van
WE GOT A MINI-VAN! I am in Heaven with this Van. I love it. I love it. I love it!
(These are just a few of the many kids I cart around) I love me some kiddos!

Girl Scout Camp Out

Emma and I went to our first Girl Scout Camp out. It was fun but poured down rain for alot of it.

We went on a Family trip to the Zoo.

Looking at the new Penguin exhibit

We Daddy comes we get to ride the train!
And get Slushies!