Welch Family Journal

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NYC weekend

This past weekend, we loaded up Friday afternoon and headed to NYC for a mini Vacay. Our original ETA was 5:07pm. But, since our friend, Danielle, lives right by the George Washington Bridge we got to her house at 8pm. There's always horrible traffic at that bridge. :(

Saturday we got up, grabbed some Dunks, showered, hopped on the subway and met our cousin, Stephanie, at the Shake Shack for lunch. Next, we all went to see the show Aladdin. It was awesome! We all really enjoyed it. After that, we walked to see Carlo's Bake Shop. We enjoy watching Cake Boss on TV and the kids were excited to see this satellite shop. We also, walked to Rockefeller Center, the Lego store, and the American Girl Doll store. We ended up the night, going to see the Maze Runner two movie. (PSA: freaky zombie people jump out a lot in this show. Scary for younger kids! oops)

Sunday we got up, showered, and went to Hillsong church of Christ. I really enjoyed the guy who was preaching that day. The music was more of a Christian concert/production than "church" to me but was still good. After that we ate lunch and made our way back to Danielle's apt to pack up and leave.

It was a short visit. But a good one. It was nice to do some family bonding. ;)