Welch Family Journal

Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's finally snowing in AR

Here it is, the 1st day of March, and it's finally snowing here in AR. Well, it snowed good for about 2 hours. Now it's mostly ice. It was nice to see. Pretty and white. We were supposed to go to a high school play with Emma. Garrett was supposed to get some Tanya time. Then the snow began. At the point I had to decide, it was coming down fast. So I called Tanya and said not to come. (Big sister didn't want her driving back later that night in case the snow had kept up) Then told Matt, we'd go with Mrs. Kellie (I was sick anyway) tomorrow instead. 

Sounds like a great night to stay in and snuggle.  . . Would be a great plan IF yo don't totally burn the grilled cheese and get put on a long hold with Pizza Hut. So i threw the kids in the car and drove through good old Mickey D's. We came home and had a picnic downstairs and watched Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is a dark movie but Matt had been listening to the soundtrack in the car and Emma kept asking questions about it. So, we watched it and I answered 500 questions as best I could. (I smoothed over several of them if it was possible) It was a fun little night for the kids and I. (daddy was out at the church building bonding with some of the men from church) 

Our picnic:

Lice continued- week 4

When we thought the horror of lice was done. . .. we got it again!

Now it's 4 weeks later . . .
we've treated emma hair 7 times in 4 weeks
we've picked at nits until I could stand the crying no more
we've dried out her scalp horribly
we've had a call from the school office every other day saying "she's itching still. no lice. still several nits"

This mommy was out of options. . . . I called Granny (of course) and she said to call Emma's nurse. I called her nurse and this is our conversation . . .
Me: "blah blah blah (explaining the last 4 weeks) Is there anything else I can do? I can't get all these nits and her head is so very dry now"
Nurse: "well, this may sound gross but there's one thing you could try"
Me: "Ok"
Nurse: "Get a jar of Mayo. Rub it all in her hair. Put a shower cap on it. Leave it overnight. Rinse in the morning. Pick through hair with nit comb."
Me; "ummm ok"
Nurse: "I know it sounds gross but it may help smother the nits, make it greasy enough to help pick them out eaiser, and should help her dry scalp."
Me: "I'm ready to do anything."

So yes, we mayo-ed up her hair. And mine. Yes, mine. I didn't want her to feel like an outcast so I did it all with her. It was a hard thing for me to do since I don't like to touch mayo, I don't like the smell of mayo, and I rarely like the taste of mayo. :)

It was a tough night. Our hair smelled. Our shower caps crinkled when we moved. Our shower caps slid around when we rolled over. It was along night for us both.

We finally made it to the morning light. I rinsed out her hair then began picking it through. That took a while. Then I sent her up to the tub to wash her hair more with smell good shampoo! While she was in the tub I rinsed out my hair with shampoo in the sink. After her bath, I took a shower and re-washed my hair. Neither of us has itched all day. Our hair still has a faint smell of a deli shop. Both of our hairs look a tad shiney. But all in all I think it helped. We made it through. Hopefully we NEVER get lice again. I might have a break down if we do anytime in the near future!

Here's a couple of pictures pre-treatment:

Emma was so excited to use Mommy's camera

Have you ever seen two cuter girls?

Saturday, February 07, 2009

30th Birthday from Matt

Matt had pictures taken with the kids. Then he printed them, framed them, and hung them as my surprise! Pretty much the perfect present for me! LOVE IT!

Here's the shots from their session. I have the CD so If you want any of them for yourself, email me and I can print them for you. Hopefully soon we will get back to the park and take more pictures with all 4 of us. 

Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Famous Child

My daughter, Emma Rachel, is now famous. She and her best friend Isaac have been featured in an ad for their school in the Little Rock Kids Directory magazine! I love it!

Not the dark side!

Sadly Emma has begun to join the dark side. . . The last couple of days when she's woken up she goes straight downstairs and begins playing computer games. She will stay down there playing until I get up and remind her to eat. This day I got a picture of her showing her brother how to play as well.  . . . . I cannot win in this house! At least it's only Playhouse Disney though!

Happy Birthday Tanya

Now that Tanya lives in LR near us, we were able to celebrate her birthday with her! The kids were so excited to make her a cake and have her over. They got even more excited once I said they could decorate the cake all by themselves! Below is the finished product. Doesn't it look tasty?

Decorating the cake

The finished product

The table set for Tan's dinner

After dinner games

We had fun spoiling our Ta-na. Happy Birthday lil' sis!