Welch Family Journal

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bible dance

I started to read Garrett Bible stories two nights ago. I have been reading to Emma for quite a while but haden't started with Garrett yet. I had just been putting him to bed and he'd roll over and fall asleep fine. I decided to try it with him two nights ago. We sat in his rocker and read out of a kid Bible that had short one page stories. Yesterday at nap time he kept saying "Bi" "Bi" and running over to the rocker and patting the Bible stories book. It was too cute so I read ot him before nap. Tonight he did the same thing and was doing his 'happy dance' in front of the rocker. Question: Can a "c of C-er" do a happy to read the Bible dance? I read him a couple of pages then went to lay him down and he started to cry because he wanted more Bible stories. How sweet is that!?

Green eyed monster

That's right you heard it. The green eyed monster has invaded our house. We've had brief sightings of him here and there but he's taken up residence now. If Mommy spends too much time with Garrett, Emma starts saying "mommy watch this" to everything she does. If Mommy spends too much time with Emma, Garrett comes over crying adn tries to push her out of the way. Lovely.

Like an Elephant

On Monday Granny told Emma she would see her in 3 days because they were going to help Tanya move from one apartment to another in Searcy. I didn't say anothe rword about it since mom wouldn't be comming if she felt yucky. Thursday morning Emma woke up and said "Today is day 3" I was pretty sure what she meant but still I asked "What do you mean?" She says "granny said 3 more days and today is day three" Ok I was more than a little impressed with my 3 1/2 year old!

Today as she was eating breakfast she asked "is this day two, so daddy will go to the swimming pool with me?" That does it I'm a beliver. She has always had pretty good memory on the oddest things. Remembering not to pour salt on the table . . . no. Remembering I said tomorrow we could have a popcicle . . . yes. :) I guess some of the things she doesn't remember are probably more of a choice to do to opposite rather than not really remembering. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Every night after Emma and I read two Bible stories we say our prayer. Usually I say the bulk of the prayer and we thank God for our day and we go down the list of people we need to pray for. There are a few that we always include. Then I always lean over and ask emma "did we forget anyone?" Sometimes she'll say things like "my knee" (if she recently scratched it) or "our allergies" The other night was too cute. When I asked her did we forget anyone. She said Granny and Big Daddy. I was a tad confused because we had just prayed for Granny. So, I asked "what for?" She then says "for granny to see me from the window when I wave" With further questions I learned she meant that Granny would be able to see her from the 6ht floor big windows at her work when Emma was down on the playground. hee-hee. Ah the innocence of a 3 year old!


Emma comming down the "fast slide"

Isaac comming down the "fast slide"

Comming down together

This is the face you get when the baby is going through seperation anxiety and Mommy walks off with sister to go down slides.

Mommy and Emma comming off a tall long slide. It was a treck to get to the top of the slide but it was worth it in the end. Emma came off saying "let's do that again!"

Garrett chewing on his finger deciding wether to splash or tyr to make a break for it and run away.

If you want to ride the slide all by yourself 500 times you've gotta learn to drag your own tube up the hill and stairs!



Emma and Canaan (mommy's buddy from daycare)

Gettin' the girl

Here's Garrett sweet talking Izzy. He and Izzy played together at the ball game the other night. He'd throw the softball adn she'd go get it and bring it back. He'd screech then she'd screech. It was LOVE. :)

Weekend at The Popes 2

On Popo's tractor:


Mommy's hair cut:

Playing trucks on Granny's Dishwasher:

Pretty as a picure:

Weekend at The Popes 1

Helping Me-me at the garage sale:

Oh NO! Popo's got me trapped!

Emma's cute hair and outfit:

Monkey see Monkey do . . . Garrett feeding the bear.

Starving the boy

Garrett climbed up on top of the kitchen table, opened thebox of Lucky Charms, and said "eat" the other night. We were getting ready for dinner anyway and since he made all the effort I went ahead and let him eat Lucky Charms for dinner! :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Gone Fishing Picture

Here's one of Garrett's gone fishing pictures. I will post the other 2 after I get the actual pictures back.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Emma's Haircut

Here's Emmas new hair cut. It looks too cute on her! She really likes it so far. She likes showing it off to everyone and she likes there are almost no tangles this way. . . . I got mine cut short too but couldn't take a decent picture of myself so maybe afte rthis weekend at Granny's we'll have one up for everyone.

How sweet is this picture?!

Front View:

Back View:

Monday, June 18, 2007

a real man . . .

helps clean up !

Garrett loves to vacuum and sweep.

rain rain

"rain rain go away, little daddy wants to go play, ball" Emma sang this off the top of her head while watching the rain tonight.

Painting cookies

Tonight the kids and I "painted" and decorated sugar cookies. Here are the fruits of our labor.

who's kid is this?

Eating a caesar salad!

Pump it Up

Emma's new favorite place for friends to have Birthday Partys is Pump It Up. She went to another one this sat for a daycare friend. I would have more pictures to share but she was running here and there and I only caught her a few times to grab a shot.

coming down the slide:

Emma, Hannah, and Emily:

Friday, June 15, 2007

Here Birdy

Today Garrett said "tweet, tweet" when he went into Mrs. Rachels office and looked at the two parakeets. Cute! Now he can do a monkey sound, growl, and tweet.

Emma's Funnys

1. Emma and Isaac were getting ready to leave for gymnastics. They were already buckled into the car. Then Mrs. Kellie remembered Isaac needed his cough meds. So she ran in and ot the bottle and told him to take a quick swig. Emma looked at her like she was appalled and said "that's not right" . . . too funny!

2. On the same day, as they began driving Mrs. Kellie took a different way than last week (their 1st week) and emma loked around and said "this isn't the right way" . . . yeah one time and she knew she which way was the right way to go. To smart that one!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Emma and Isaac started gymnastics today. Sadly, I had to work but Mrs. Kellie is able to take them so that's good. She said they both really enjoyed it. Emma even talked all about it so I'm sure she had fun. She got to walk on the balance beam, jum on the long trampoline, jump off a (kinda high) ledge into a foam block pit, do backward rolls, and learn how to do a cartwheel.

Isaac rools (emma rolls video to be captured next week :) )

Monday, June 04, 2007

Swimming with Isaac

We had a great day at the pool with Isaac today! We went down one kid slide and one that was kinda nerve-racking for mommy. :)

jumping Thing

We finally got the jumping thing blown up. Garrett didn't like it at first but began to come around and then loved playing with sister in it.

Then it became a cave. :)

Mini Pops

We had popcicles the other night and the kids really enjoyed them. We found a box of "mini pops" they are the perfect size for young kids!

Popcicle face!

Showing off her popcicle

"Here brother, here's how you eat it"

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Well he finally did it. . . . the kids were taking a much needed bath last night. Emma looks down and says "mommy what's that?" I look down and say "That's . . . oh . . . ok get out of the tub. batht time's up" She asks "why?" I have to reply "because that's poop." HAHA Garrett finally pooped in the tub. It happens to pretty much all children. I knew it eventually would. SO that wa s afun bath time for the kids. Thanks Garrett for sharing.

Friday, June 01, 2007

More fairy pictures

Here are the other fairy pictures we had done for emma. The look even better in person! Amy Kelton did an awsome job!

Zoo Day

The 4 of us went to the Zoo today. Mommy, Emma, Garrett, and baby Madigan that is. :) we couldn't go to the pool with all 3 kids so I had told emma we'd go to the zoo. We got there about 9:20 and left at 12. It was a fun time. Garrett LOVED the monkeys. He kept doing his monkey noise and pointing at them. Emma loved picking where we went next and taking pictures with her camera. Maddy loved bring n the stroller and having emma walk next to her.

By the 1st monkey area

The giraffe was licking the window!

Madigan watching the ducks

Snack Time!

Emma on the rock out front. she requested to have her picture taken on it. All because she remembered the last time we went ( a while back) there was a mom taking pictures of her kids on the rock. Good memory on that one.

For all of you asking "how does she do it?" . . . Here's how. A picture on the ride home. :) They were a tad cranky when waiting for lunch and starting the ride back home but other than that they were all 3 good.