Welch Family Journal

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Soccer Medals

Well . . . soccer is finally over! Emma liked it for about 1/2 the season. Then it was a struggle to get her to go. We did make her finish it out though. This saturday they had their medals and picnic. Would have been ok EXCEPT it was like 42 degrees and very windy. We were freezing. I bundled up Emma and Garrett and Rachel bundled up Gracen and we went. We did a quick medal then grabbed a plate of food and headed to Rachel's minivan to eat out of the cold. Not really worth it except she's soooo proud of her medal. Here's the couple of pictures I got of her end of the season. To which she exclaimed. "finally soccer's over!"

A group shot from the saturday before. Also cold but not as bad as this saturday! (with only a few kids absent)

Getting her medal

How cute is she?!

Yummm chips and cupcakes

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Teenager party 2008

Tonight was the teenager Halloween party. They do a photo scavenger hunt then race to our house. The teens have a lot of fun doing the hunt. My kids have a lot of fun having "big kids" at their house. This year there were 69 people in our house! It was very packed! But we love it. Here are the few pictures i took of the evening.

Trunk or treat 2008

Friday night was our church's Trunk-or-treat . . a safe alternative to going house to house. Several people from the congregation make a big circle with all their cars and open their trunks and pass out candy. The kids love it. We get to see several of our friends all dressed up and they get to have candy. We even went out to eat after wards all dressed up! We have done this since emma was barely walking. Since we usually go out to eat afterwards we usually go home and turn off the light so Emma , and now garrett, can get to bed. I didn't really think too much about it until a conversation emma had with granny friday. Granny was asking her what she was doing that night. Then she said "I'm going to stay home and pass out candy" Emma replied "why?" . . . yes apparently my child didn't know most people go house to house and beg for candy while others stay home and pass out the candy. Oops. So then I had to explain it all too her. :) Oh well.

Daycare trick-or-treating 2008

Friday we had trick-or-treating at daycare. A lot of work and stress for the teachers but the kids LOVE it. : ) Here are a couple of pictures of the fun my kids had.

Daddy's Work Kiddie Carnival

Thursday the kids and I met Matt at his work for their Kiddie Carnival. The kids LOVED getting to go to daddy's work AND do fun stuff WHILE being dressed up in their Halloween costumes! Here are a few pictures of the fun afternoon.