Welch Family Journal

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lake Day

Yesterday I was finally able to register the kids for school at Lilja Elementary (http://www.natickps.org/Lilja/Homepage.cfm). We met Garrett's teacher and she seemed real nice. He still has a 20 minute "rest time" each day. Nice. Emma's class was right across the hall from G. That's nice for them both. They were real excited about the no uniforms and no regulations on back packs. :) I'm just glad that's finally done. They start school next Wednesday.

Today Paula, the kids, and I went to Hopkinton State Park (http://www.mass.gov/dcr/parks/northeast/hpsp.htm) They have a lake with a little beach at it. It was a beautiful day for it and there were very many people at all. (Well except for the hour the YMCA daycare was there. but they kept their kids in a group pretty good) The kids loved playing in the water and sand. It is only about 20 minutes from the house.

Showing off more Taylor Swim Skills

Making their castle with a moat

Tomorrow is movie day at the Library.

Thursday Paula and I are taking the kids into Boston to the Children's Museum!

Friday is another Ocean day.

Saturday is a family cookout.

Sunday will be more church fun.

Monday will be another state park.

Wednesday school starts!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Monday

Well, today it's raining. I guess the ground needed it and it does help cool everything off but it makes it hard o contain two active children while their Daddy has to work from home. So after lunch the kids and I went to the Natick Mall to their play place. The kids enjoyed it. It was crazy! there were a ton of young children there running around.

After the Mall we went to the library. The kids each got their own library card and checked out a book and a movie. Garrett just couldn't believe we were letting him check out 2 movies! . . . I guess he was used to Mommy renting at Redbox and saying you have to choose 1 each time. :)

I've sent off several resumes to different school districts hoping for a teacher aid job. They didn't call today but I did only send them out Saturday! (Prayers on that aspect would be greatly appreciated).

Matt and I signed the kids up for Parents Night Out at Paula's church saturday. They do it one saturday a month. It's cheap and last 3 hours. If you sign up your kids you are expected to help keep the kids at some point. Not too bad a trade off. :) So Matt and I had a date night. We went out to eat and to a movie. It was great getting to go out together.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Beach day

This past Friday we took a beach day! It was about 1 hour and 15 mins away from our new home. Yea! We loaded up (took friends and family) and head to the beach. It is a great family beach because it is shallow for quite a ways and there aren't any big waves. The kids loved it. we got there when the tide was out and stayed until the tide came in. Mommy got red as a lobster. the kids did fine. They loved getting to build sandcastles, look for crabs in the water, walk along the sandbar, and have fun all around! Here's a few pictures of our fun:

That night daddy came home! We don't mind sharing him with big kids but we do miss him while he's gone and are always happy to see him come home. . . . especially when he brings presents! He brought a camp t-shirt for each kid!

Saturday we just hang out and relaxed as a family.

Sunday we went to our new church home for class and big church. It was great. The kids went right in to their classes and enjoyed them. We went to lunch with Peter, Becky, Hannah, and Rachel. My kids have adopted H and R as theirs now. :)

Then we went to Boarders for their closing sale. G wants a Red Sox wall calendar. They didn't have any but each kid picked out something and I got a book. gasp! I know a real paper book! Yikes!

We went back to the house for an hour then it was time to head back to the building for a farewell dinner for one of the families. After dinner there was an impromptu youth group bowling night set up. So we bowled. I had to eat crow because I stank it up and Matthew did quite well. (unlike our last bowling night). Then we all went for ice cream before returning to the building. We had so much fun with the teens.

Monday I didn't feel to great and spent the morning napping. then we just relaxed a bit the rest of the afternoon.

Today the kids and I went with Jesse to her friend's house who has a pool. The kids loved it. They did fairly well at getting along. Only a few "talks" with mommy over disagreements. :) Then we came back to the house and relaxed until Matthew could get away from his work long enough to go to the bank and open checking accts.

So far, we're doing good up here in the north. The weathers been great. I know, I know, enjoy it now because once Winter hits we'll be locked in for months with bitter cold all around us. :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

First Pictures

Here's a few picture of what we've been up to this first week.

Ice cream shop right on the town common. (walking distance from the house)

Scooters (and eventually bikes/roller skates) on the common

Here's part of the Children's area at the Library. It's pretty wonderful.

Our Sunday morning treat!
The Library where Matt's mom works.

Paula/ Jesse & Jeff/ and our House

Going to the Movies to see Smurfs!

A super fun park nearby

Monday, August 01, 2011

Day one

Today I drove to Wal-Mart and Stop and Shop all by myself without getting lost! . . . Ok so I had the GPS for Wal-Mart but I still was able to do it with two kids in the car on roads i usually didn't pay attention to. I feel accomplishment with that. :)

After we did some grocery shopping, the kids and I walked up to the Common and they rode their scooters around while I read my Kindle. Then we walked up to the Library (to let G go potty) and down to Dunkin Donuts (to take a picture to post later).

We did a little more scooter time then came back to the house for some kiddie pool time. They splashed away while I read some more.

Finally we came in for baths. I cooked dinner for everyone. Chicken Alfredo, mixed veggies, bread sticks, and fruit salad. Yea me!

Our day was a success. Tomorrow I think I'll work on hanging up Emma's clothes and getting those where she can get to her stuff.