Welch Family Journal

Saturday, March 31, 2007

What to do

What do you do when your child is plagued and can't be around humans for a couple more days? . . . . you go to the Zoo! That's what we did the friday after Garretts high temp on wed. He had been fever free since thursday afternoon but the Dr said he could be contagious up to 2-5 days after the fever was gone. SO we had to cancell on Madigan but went to the zoo. I figuered he'd be contained in the stroller and there wouldn't be a whole bunch of people there on a friday morning. . . .wrong! It was field trip friday I guess. there were a ton of people there! oh well none of them got close to him so they should be fine. :)

Here's Emma standing on one foot like a Flamingo:

Hee's the two of them watching the lion:

Here's the begining of the day:

Here's Emma being like her Mommy taking pictures:

Garrett cried when I tried to leave the elephants. Too cute. He was haveing fun at the Zoo with sister.

Friday, March 30, 2007

I hate spring in Arkansas

As I was leaving work the other day I was talking to one of the parents commenting on how hot it was that day. She said she hoped we hadn't skipped spring this year. Well for as much as I don't like to be sweaty hot nor freezing cold I do enjoy springs temp. Spring looks beautiful in pictures. In reality for me though it is a sad time. A time filled with itching, sneezing, not being able to breath, watery eyes, runny nose, headaches, and all over feeling of yuckyness. So I repeat the above I hate spring in arkansas and hope we have skipped it alltogether. I know we haven't completly done so though because I have had a miserable springy day today . . . . which prompted this post. Even the weekly shots and claritin and benadryl aren't really cutting it for today.
Hopefully spring will be short lived for me at least. Hope your days went better and spring is a happy flower-filled time for you. :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Picture at the Old Mill

I took the kids out in their Easter outifts today and attempted pictures at the Old Mill. It was very pretty there today. Thanks to Dianna and Patrick for reminding me of this pretty background place. Here's a few of the shots I got.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Garrett sickness update

We went to Garrett's Dr today. They did another chest x-ray and a finger prick to check blood. Everything looked much better from the night before. His ears were still clear. (shocker!) The dr said as long as his temp doesn't go to 101 or above or doesn't get any other syptoms after 3 days he should be in the clear. Thank you for all the prayers said for him. I ask you please continue to pray for Garrett and Emma's health.

It's my birthday . . .

I can be sick if I want to . . .

Tuesday we Garrett's one year Birthday! Tuesday late afternoon we got home and he had 102 temp and was drooling a lot. i chalked it up to teething since he had no other symptoms. I gave him meds every 4 hours most of the night and morning. We went to daycare anyways since you can't call in every time you kid gets a tooth. :) Then he began pulling on his ear again (he was pulling on his ears the whole week we were skiing) and every 3 hours hi temp was back up around 102-103. So I called mom and confirmed I should take him in to at least check his ears. I made an appt for thurs afternoon. we went about our night and I sent him to Bible class. His new big boy Bible class with Mrs. Marci and Gigi and Mrs. Sharon! Marci came and got me about 1/2 way through because he was visibly shaking. I just figured it was his temp from the ear infection and teething because it'd been 4 hours since his last dose of meds. So I held him until class was over and I could go get Emma. I took him to the car and checked his temp it said 102.7 under the arm (which means it was really 103.7) I called mom again and asked if what to do. She said to go ahead and have him checked out so he wasn't miserable all night. I drove to baptist springhill. Matt met us there and took Emma home to bed. We got in by 9pm and she took his temp (the baby way) and it was 105! Which makes me question my thermometer. They got me in and gave him a does of advil and tylenol, took blood, did a chest x-ray. then we began the waiting. They came in at 10 and took his temp. it had gone down to 101. at 11 his temp broke and it was 98.7. They did a flu test. The dr came back in a little later and said all tests were neg or normal. (my kid normal?) He said they were going to give him a strong antibiotic shot rosuphin (sp?) and he was supposed to get a recheck today by his reg dr to be sure he was alright. They think it was just viral but his dr is supposed to check it out today to rule out bacterial. He slept all night and it still sleeping at 9am so far. I'd wake up go in shoot some drugs in his mouth. He'd frown and roll back over. Poor baby was tired after his long night. His dr apt is at 1:40pm today. I will send out another email when I know for sure.
Prayers would be greatly appreciated! Both kids could use prayers. It seems like one or both are very sick everyotehr week these days.

I don't have to question my thermometer. This is from the all knowing mom!
You’re thermometer is fine. When taking rectal temps, they are 1 degree higher than under the tongue, just like under the arm is one degree lower. So your temp 102.7 = 103.7 Their temp 105 = 104 Right on the money.

Also: A big thanks to Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank for the Wiggly Eye Birthday book. Since we went straight from daycare yesterday we had no wipes (until daddy brought us some) or toys except the book we'd brought in the car with us in the morning. It helped us through all the waiting (when he wasn't sleeping) on the Dr. :)

Email request

If you have not received an email from me in the last week or two please send me a test emial. I left an open soda on the table and garrett spilled it and fried my old laptop. I hav e anew one but have lost all my contacts. Please send me a test email so I can readd you to my contact list. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our Big 1 year old

Garrett March 2006

Garrett March 2007

He was 1 year old tuesday!

Garrett can:
Walk about 10 steps before falling if he really concentrates and goes slow
say Dada, Momma, eat, night night,uh-oh
call the hogs
wave bye-bye
eat like a 4 year old
he loves to color and do anything the big kids are doing
snuggle with the best of them
make car noises when playing with his cars
thow a ball pretty good
growl when playing with his toy bear
warm you with his smile

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Garrett

Today we went to Corky's for Garrett's birthday. The waiter even brought him a dessert and we all sang "Happy Birthday". He of course had more fun shoveling Mac 'n Cheese into and all over his face. Then, we came back to our house for cake and presents. It was a good 1st Birthday. A Big Thank you to Tanya, Granny, Big Daddy, Me-me, Po-po, Daddy, Emma, Isaac, Mrs. Kellie, King Casey (as emma calls him) Cauy-Boy, and Mrs. Krista for coming over to celebrate.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Like mother Like daughter

I had gone to Kroger and gotten a cake mix and iceing with sprinkles to make Garrett's birthday cake. Emma saw the sprinkles on the counter and asked Tanya for some. Tanya said "No. That's not for us" Emma took the tub of icing, LICKED THE LID, and said "Now it has my germs on it so I can eat it" LOL! She is so like her mother! I say that kind of thing all the time! Too Funny!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

but I'm dying

We were driving home from church tonight, Emma asked for her soda. I gave it to her but it was already gone so she asked if we could go back to McDonalds and get some more. I told her "No baby. We'll get something when we get home" She thinks a minute then says "I want to go to the slush place" I reply "Not tonight baby" She comes back with "but I'm DYING" . . . . ok Matt and I laughed out loud!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Grannys House

We went to Granny and Big Daddy's house this weekend. We had a lot of fun! Emma went with Big Daddy and Lulu to Shreveport to see Caroline's soccer game. They said she did a great job with them. I'm so proud she did good. Garrett took several steps and showed off all his other tricks. We had a good time playing at the Mall's play place and Easter outfit shopping with Granny. It's always fun to spend time with the family. :)

sticky man

For all those out there who are anxiously awaiting the fate of sticky man . . . he is still stuck to the ceiling! He is a mighty man!