Welch Family Journal

Friday, April 24, 2009

Don't Worry Mom

In the mornings I leave my computer set to Playhouse Disney website. That way if Emma wants to play on the computer while she's waiting for her turn to leave the house she can. Lately I've noticed purple spots on my desk (mind you it's a nice desk). Yesterday, I had a talk to her.
M: "Emma are you using your purple fingernail polish when mommy's not around?"
E: "yeah"
M: "I need you to stop. It's leaving spots on my nice desk. I don't know if those will come off"
E: looking at my facial expressions "Mom, are you worried about it?"
M: "Yes, I don't know if I can get the spots off"
E:" You know you don't have to worry about it. God can take care of it"
what do you say to that? On one hand I love that she has this great faith in God and yes the Bible tells us to not worry. On the other hand she can't do anything she pleases thinking God will make it all better. 
M: "Yes baby, if God wanted to he could make the spots go away. But if you just wait until mommy's around to help make sure you aren't dripping, we don't have to evne bother with any of it. Okay?"
E: "Ok"

walking or running?

At daycare the other day, Garrett's teacher caught him jogging around the table in the room with friends. Mind you, they have all been told "No running" before. So, she said "garrett, stop running"
G: "My not running. My walking really really fast"
A: "It looks like slow running to me."
G: with a shake of his head "Nope. fast walking"
Of course Mrs. Anna came in laughing to tell me about my crazy child. He is going to be in trouble sooo much when he hits school! Ahh the joys of a class clown son!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

G's 3 year check up

Earlier this week I took Garrett to his 3 year check up. I told him on the way there where we were going and why. He was fine. He likes his Dr. As we pull into the parking lot he says "I want to go to Tanya's Dr" . . what? I try to think quickly when has he been to a dr with tanya. I come up with nothing, so I ask "What dr? Where?" his reply "In txrkana(Spelled the way he said it)" I am still trying to figure it out but I think h means Tanya's Hospital where she worked. Yet again I ask "Why?"  . . .His reply now, "I want to ride the sklator(spelled the way he said it)"  . .. Nice he is smart enough to connect he was going to a dr, drs worked at tanyas hospital in texarkana, and there was a fun escalator at that hospital. Good to know his train of thought but sadly a quick 4 hour round trip jaunt to t-town to ride the "magic stairs" is not in the cards today! HA!

Once we go into the exam room, he looks around and asks"Why we in this room?" I say "It's just a room baby. Why?"  "Am my getting a shot?" I kind of chuckle and say "I don't know, we'll have to ask the nurse. Why?" He points to the exam table and says "That the shot table. They put you up there and shot you in the legs."  . . .ok so he may also have an excellent memory like his sister. I laugh and the nurse standing there listening laughs and says she'll go ask the dr for him. 

Good news. NOT a shot day. Which is what he tells people the rest of the day "No shots today!" 

He is in the 80-90% in height and weight though! Good boy says Daddy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

dressin' up

Emma in her new nightgown, easter hat and gloves, and pj pants

Garrett's batman pj's and mask

Easter 2009

A few picture from Easter this year.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bunny Picts

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the kids recent "bunny picts" with a friend of ours Ms. Tammy Leker. She was awesome with the kids and the bunnies! . . . Enjoy!

          Funny sayings by the kids

          A few funny sayings/things from the kinds here lately.

          we were in the grocery store and i was looking for vitamins. After I found what I needed, I noticed Emma at the end of the isle with several vitamin boxes in her hand. Instead of blowing up, I calmly asked her "Do you have a good reason for having all those in your hands?" She looked up at me and said "Mom, they were all mixed up. There were Cinderella ones in the spiderman isle and scooby do ones in the veggie tale spot." . . . Yep she's inherited my OCD. I rearrange things on shelves when i notice them. :) Well, needless to say I couldn't get her in trouble for that. So I just asked "did you fix them all?" She said "yes" So we went on form there.

          When his class was getting ready to dye easter eggs, somehow he and his best friend got into a conversation about chicks being in eggs . . . He got a very serious and confused look on his face and asked his teacher. "Are there chicks in these eggs?" She smiled and said "No" He though a minute, got an even more concerned look on his face and said "Did we kill the chicks?" His teacher busted out a laugh and came to get me. She was laughing and asked me what to say to that. I of course told her to tell him these were not eggs with chicks in them. (by that point there weren't any anyway)

          He might have gotten a tad spoiled by his wonderful family at his birthday. When Granny sent him an Easter card he looked at hi and said "Is there money in there?" I laughed and said "No honey" He looked at me and said "Why there no money in there?" . . I laughed even more and said "I don't know baby. You'll have to ask Granny. "  . . .I blame Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank for buying the piggy bank and sending quarters to "feed it" :)

          Monday, April 06, 2009

          Emma's 1st Tennis Lesson

          Today was Emma's 1st Tennis lesson at a court near our house. Other than being very cold and windy it was a good time. She did good for a 1st time trying. She did good listening to Jimbo her teacher. Garrett was super sad he wasn't 4 yet so old enough to take lessons. I think I may try to get Jimbo to et him go in for a few of the lessons if he can prove himself worthy by obeying. :)

          Wednesday, April 01, 2009

          So cool

          Emma came out in this outfit spouting "I'm so cool dude" so of course I had to capture this moment on film for all to see!