Welch Family Journal

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

This year we went to a new pumpkin patch in Scott, AR with our small group. The kids had fun but is was super dusty and more expensive than I'd expected. Here's a few of my favorite shots. (my camera battery stopped towards the end. once I get pictures from K I'll add them and let ya'll know)

Race for a cure

Emma, Garrett, Tanya, and I went out and walked the family 2K for Race for a Cure. This was the first year the kids walked. Usually I drag out the big red wagon and they get to ride in peace while Tanya and i switch off dragging them around. No more. They are big enough to walk it now. Yes! . . . . . . We did have to walk slowly . . . . . but at least they walked. They enjoyed see all the different signs, shirts, and interesting people while walking. Part of the fun was when we were walking over the first bridge and realized, no we weren't just extra tired and barely walking straight, yes the bridge was swaying a great deal. Nice.

The stripping firemen. Who sadly weren't stripping, nor super cute this year. :)


NLR Fire Dept holds an annual Firefest near our house. The kids love going and seeing the firetrucks, doing the smoke house, working through fireman training, getting their face painted, getting hats/balloons, and seeing friends. This year my school, LCK, did fire safety week the same week as firefest. I encouraged all the kids to show up. Well apparently if Mrs. Marti says you should go . . . . you have to go. I think I counted 8 kids from our class there, plus others that I didn't see personally. :)

Garrett climbing into a fire truck. He liked it until one of the ones near him had their siren go off. garrett had a look of terror for a minute thinking he'd touched something and was going to get in trouble.

Emma in the truck

Posing by the pink ribbon truck

We caught up with our good friend Madi. (Madi has a crush on Garrett and will follow Emma around like a little sister) Once we found her, we stayed with her the rest of the night,

Doing part of the fireman training

Dragging the "injured man"

They both got to spray a fire hose at a target

Sorry it's sideways but here' a picture of Emma helping Madi hold her brother Paxton in the old fashioned fire engine.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

1st grade chicks

Emma's class at school hatched chicks this week. As an added bonus, each child was given the opportunity to be a"chick sitter" for a night. Last night was our night.

It started with me locking up the cat and going to get emma and the chicks at school. When we got home, I had to tell emma she couldn't hold them all night but she could keep their box in her room. I told her to watch a movie in there and she said "It'll be like I'm babysitting" (heehee). Then she had to find a movie with animals in it, but not her cat movie. I went to talk to Matt and she came running in "I found the perfect movie! It's 'The ugly duckling'" . . . . ok so too cute.

Then Garrett woke up from his nap and wanted to pet the chicks.

They spent the night holding and petting the chicks and "talking" to them by saying cheep cheep cheep.

So excited to have the chicks in her room!

Showing off the chicks

Garrett and Spike

Emma and Daphodil

Monday, October 04, 2010

Garrett's mild color blindness

I just got back from the eye dr with Garrett. He has been diagnosed with a "mild red-green color blindness"
This means he can see red and green but no strongly. He also probably sees everything else in a different shade than us "normal" people do. Something very red to us might seem orangy to him. He also has trouble with shading. If you hold up something blue and something purple separately he can tell you the color. If they are all mixed together he usually can't tell the difference. He is supposed to be re-checked every couple of years to see if it turns from mild to severe. As for now, nothing really changes in his life except my expectations of his work in school. The dr said next year when he starts Kindergarten, I should let his teacher know of this issue so she can be aware for testing sake but all in all shouldn't really effect his school work.

Ps. emma who hovered during the test did fine and wanted everyone to know she knows her colors perfectly. . . . even if her toothless mouth can't properly pronounce all the color names now. ;)

Emma and Garrett find mommy's camera . . . .

Here's a bit of what he's learning in Bible class . . . .