Welch Family Journal

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March updates 1

Sorry it's been so long since our last post! So much is always happening I forget to post. ;) I'll summerize our lives lately and then try to update every other week or so.

First of all, my Mom, Cheryl, is on the last leg of her fight with cancer and that has taken up a lot of our time/energy/and thoughts. Last month I decided to stay in Texarkana for a week last minute. Matt and the kids did a great job taking care of things in LR without me there to manage them. I was so proud of all 3 of them. :)

Garrett's birthday is next week. My baby boy will be 5! It's hard to believe that in the fall he will be going to "big school" It will be the first time we've been separated for any length of time. I've been his teacher since he was born. He was with me and daycare and now school. I think we're both ready for his next step. We love each other early but are a tad attached at the hip. ;) He is still really into Dinosaur train, cars, trains, and recently getting into sports of all types. He's doing good in school this year. Last year was rough getting into the whole Montessori swing of things. He's better this year and on the verge of reading. He's a sweet sweet boy who almost always has a smile.

Emma's doing great in school. She's always telling me things she's learned. She's doing good in her dance classes too. She's currently doing Tap/Jazz and Ballet. She's also started Girl Scouts. (which I'm now the leader) She loves being social. She also likes to be a helper (sometimes too much ;) ) She's already showing signs of being a good babysitter just like her mom was. She's now 7. Which is also hard to believe. She loves Barbies, dress up, talking to everyone, and especially art of any kind. She's a sweet girl who loves to help.