Welch Family Journal

Sunday, February 21, 2010

1st broken heart

Last weekend, the kids and I made a trip to Texarkana. While there, Emma and Me-me sewed a white w/pink teddy bear. As soon as Emma saw the package she said "I will make it for Isaac". I tried to tell her he might not want a white and pink bear since he is an almost 6 year old boy. But she had her mind set. A couple of nights ago, Isaac was at our house ( a rare occasion here lately). Emma ran to give him the bear while he was running around with garrett. He took it and threw it and said "I don't want this". She looked at him, came into my room, and there on her face was the worst crushed face ever. Then the tears started. It made me and matt sorry for her. We then had to explain to her how Isaac didn't know she'd worked hard on it just for her. How he was a 6 year old boy and didn't really want white and pink bears. How he still was one of her best friends. She finally put on a brave face and went back to playing. Later that night she picked up the bear and said "Mommy, I want this bear to be for you" I picked it up, thanked her for it, and set it next to another bear she'd given especially to me on my night stand. That perked her up quite a bit. All in all it was sad and cute to see how her little heart worked. Sadly, there's more heartbreak because of special boys in her life coming up all too soon. We will cherish the silly moments while we can.