Welch Family Journal

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little ears

Matt and I were reminded how closely we have to watch what we say when our children are with us last night. Last night, we all went to see a movie. It was a late one 7PM! Ok, so that's late for the kids to be getting home afterwards, into bed, and up for church the next day. :) After the movie we stopped at the book store and Matt and in and got the book and it's sequel for the kids. The kids were talking in the backseat. Matt and I were talking in the front. Matt said something to the effect of "blah, blah blah, the good news is I've been working on that for 2 months" . . . then without missing a beat from the back seat we hear Garrett say "the bad news is we're crashing"  . . . What?! Yeah he picked up on Matt saying "the good news is" and linked it to one of the kids favorite quotes form Madagascar 2 which goes "there's good news, and bad news. The good news is we will be landing shortly. The bad news is, we're crash landing" . .. Matt and I cracked up over that. We weren't talking to him. We weren't talking loudly. He just heard a snippet and reacted. Just another friendly reminder, they are like Big Brother and always watching and listening even when you think they aren't. Oh Be Careful what you say. 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The beginning of being a true boy

About two weeks ago, Garrett (3 year old) and Emma (5 year old) were playing in his room. All was well, until I heard a louder than usual thud and loud crying. I ran in and found G rubbing his head. I went to hug him and felt his head. My hand was wet with blood. Nice. I asked what happened. Here's the story:

G: Sissy, push me off the bed.
E: Ok (push)

They made such great choices that day. So I went and put  a rag on it to clean it up. After a couple of minutes it was still bleeding (but not fast or a bunch). I took a picture with my phone and called Granny. :) She said I should go to ER and have it looked at if the bleeding wasn't stopping we might need a stitch or two. 

I loaded up the kids after calling and canceling Emma's play date that was supposed to be at our house any minute. On the way I called and left a message on Matt's phone (he was on a trip with no cell coverage for 2 days) to let him know what was going on. 

We waited in the ER for 2 1/2 hours. Thankfully once we were in a room, we had a TV with cartoons on it. The DR came in and looked at it and said "in these cases we usually just put a staple in it" Dr said what?! Ok I can do this. The nurse holds his head and the Dr puts a staple in. G is so brave. He doesn't scream. He only yells "owww" then cries about 5 minutes. E was there for everything and she cries some too. (seeing her brother hurt made her heart hurt). We are told to wait 10 days then have our Dr take it out. . . . I find out a few days later, basically they have a staple remover like in your office and they pull it out like that. Lovely this will be great. 

Everything goes fine. He's able to sleep fine. We make sure to keep it dry and not submerge it like we were told. Then on day 8 we are playing on the floor being very careful not to bang his head and I look over and can tell the staple is now 1/2 out. I try to pull on the staple but it's in too good. We call/text 4 different nurses and get about 3 different answers of what t do. I finally call Children's hospital GPC and talk to the nurse. She says to leave it alone and call our dr in morning if it's not hurting him. We call and get an appt to take the staple out BUT it's right during Emma's 1st Cheer practice or the week. So, being the loving and concerned mommy I am, I call Aunt Tanya and ask her to just take it out for us at work so we can go to Cheer clinic as planned. :) 

I go get emma from school early because of the timing of it all. When she finds out why she's being picked up, she starts crying "i don't want to see it" . . may have traumatized her more than the boy on this one. oops. We drive up and are old by information kids aren't allowed on tanys' floor. tanya then sneaks us into her break room. Emma goes around the corner. Tan pulls once and almost gets it all but G moves his head and says "My changed my mind. I don't want it out" (yeah too late buddy!) Tan grabs once more and it's finally done! G rubs his head, then proceeds to climb on the chairs. 

Finally our ordeal is over. I know this is just the first in a long line of weekend ER visits and broken/torn/banged up body parts. All the joys of having a boy!

Garrett's 1st school program

Last Friday was Garrett's first school program. We had an all school potluck (21 kids in school). To make it more appealing for the parents we had the kids say the pledge and sing two songs. The kids did great and had so much fun!

Most of the class all lined up and ready to start.

My special helpers for the night Emma and Abby. 

Sometimes when you are a favorite, you get to sit in the teachers lap instead of doing the program. I can't help it. She's just my sweetie! Has been since her older sister was 5 months old! 

All ready to preform. What a sweet boy!

Soccer fans

This past week Me-me, Po-po, Tanya, and Sara came to watch one of Emma's soccer games. Emma was so excited they were there!

Po-po and Me-me

Sara and Tanya!

Cheer Clinic 2009

Emma has changed schools and goes to a public school nearby. This did not stop us from signing up and attending CAC's Cheer Clinic just like we have the past two years! I figure, she's going back to CAC in 6th grade anyway. Might as well let her learn to cheer there. We had Cheer clinic Mon-Thurs 3:45 - 5:15. All for a minute long song. BUT She had a lot of fun. She got to play with friends from her CAC class last year. AND she got to do that 1 minute long dance at half time at a CAC football game.

Here's pictures of the fun she had . . . . .

Her Cheer bag they all got at the Clinic.

The shakers they made (filled with rocks to make noise)

Friends from CAC class last year. 

A few of the "big kids" that Emma was sure came just to see her . . . .



CHRIS . . . FYI Emma has a huge crush on Chris. :) As soon as we pulled into the parking lot she said "Remember Chris is going to be here. I think that's his car." Too Cute!

The kids waiting to "help" the football players break through the banner and come on the field.

This 3 year old was in my class at Day school and loved Emma when she'd come with me to work. I put Emma to work all week helping get this sweetie through her first Cheer Clinic. 

One of Emma's favorite cheerleaders. 

Here's the super short dance . . . .

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Head Staple

Today the kids were playing upstairs in Garrett's room. I heard a loud thump and g crying. i ran in and he was rubbing his head and crying. I felt it and my hand came back with blood on it. Lovely. I asked Emma what happened. Here's the story.

Garrett: Sissy push me off the bed (they were standing on)
Emma: Ok (then she pushes)

At that point he falls backwards, hitting the kid table on his way down.

After 2 1/2 hours in the ER, he now has his 1st Head Staple. He was a brave man. He was fine letting them clean it. Then they held him and staples. He hollered once then cried for about 5 minutes. But not crazy crying, just tears and wanting to be held. Emma even cried a few tears for him. (since she was there to witness it all) 

Then we went to McDonalds for ice cream to celebrate him being so brave! 

Daddy was out of town . . . he misses all the fun stuff! ;)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Let's play catch up

It has been another long while since I posted here. Sorry! Here's some of what we've been up to down south. 

Garrett and I started our new school. It's Montessori method so that's been a huge adjustment for the both of us. Also, he's now expected to act like a student not a "special teacher kid" so we've both been adjusting to that as well. Finally, he gets a shorter nap than before since we have to get to emma's school early to get in the pick up line, another adjustment. SO far, we are both doing pretty good with all the changes. 

Emma started Kindergarten at a close public school. She was very worried at first but already really enjoys it there. Plus as a bonus she gets to participate in CAC cheer camp just like last year. Which she is so very excited about!

Emma has started dance class for the first time ever. She's taking Ballet/Tap. She really likes her teacher and has a church friend in class with her. 

Emma has also started soccer again. This time we went with a different league closer to home. She has a church friend (but not I-man) and an old CAC friend on her team. Having at least one person she already knows helps her feel at home right away. I think she's going to really like this league and these teams. 

Garrett starts soccer in two weeks. His overlaps with emmas one night a week, so we will have to enlist Mrs. Kellie or a teen to help with transportation on that one. Also more fun, garrett's is "parent involved" soccer. That's right, MOMMY has to go out there and kick it with him. Uggg. Don't ever say I don't love my kids. :) 

Emma has new curtains and a new quilt, thanks to Granny!