Welch Family Journal

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swim lessons for Emma

We have had a week of swim lessons so far. With one more week to go. We are taking them at WRC. There are about 6 kids for 2 teachers. The teenage instructors are very good with the kids. So far Emma has working with kicking with a kick board, floating on her back, and jumping off the side. She doesn't go under yet but she will jump off into her teachers arms! This is a big thing for her! 

Monday, June 16, 2008

My baby is turning into a boy!

Yes, you heard right my sweet little baby is now turning into a boy! We used to be able to play the day away with whatever we had (usually princess pink stuff) Now all he wants to do is tackle people and play ball. It finally hit me today when he came downstairs grabbing his shirt (Mickey mouse shirt he loves) saying "take it off mommy. baseball shirt" He then got his sissy to help him get down his shirt with a baseball on it. He brought it to me to put on him so he could "hit it" at balls with his Red Sox bat. He also loves his Bob the builder "clippers" (pliers). He spent over 45 minutes last night getting his Daddy to throw a soft baseball and football at him so he could try to hit it back. When he missed he ran to the ball and hit it like a golf ball.  His Daddy now has visions of some sort of pro ball in his future. :) He is still the sunshine of my life. He still loves to be read to and snuggle. So I will take the rest of the boy things as long as the sunshine and snuggles remain! 

 ** update**

The very next day. I was getting Garrett up from nap and told him "we need to change your diaper and put shorts on you" He looks down at himself and says "I want my Red Sox Shirt" . . . his Daddy was so proud . . . I have to say he may be lost to "The Nation" already.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there.  Here's the top 5 reason's we love our fathers:

1. He reads with us (from emma)
2. He plays tickle tackle snuggle with us (from the kids)
3. He loves his kids greatly (from marti)
4. He plays ball with me (from garrett)
5. He laughs with us and holds us when we cry (from the kids)

Bid Daddy
1. He took us on as his own without missing a beat (from marti)
2. He always knows what to do when we call and ask (from marti and matt)
3. He is always taking care of us no matter how old we get (from marti)
4. He always jokes with me (from garrett)
5. His endless supply of gum (from emma)

1. He takes us on wagon rides (from emma)
2. He plays ball with me (from garrett)
3. He lets us honk the motor home horn (from both kids)
4. He has always been there to take care of us (from marti)
5. He plays with us (from both kids)

And a Big HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to those daddies that aren't technically related to us but has never let that stop them form loving my kids and taking care of my kids like a daddy or grandpa . . . Peeps, Mr. Jason, King Casey, and Mr. Michael. Thank you for loving my kids and helping us to raise them thus far. :) We love you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bowling night

Sunday night we went bowling with the big kids that were in town. (many were either out of town or on the DR mission trip). The kids had a blast. They did real good. We had the bumpers up and they got to use a rack to set their ball on and roll it down the isle. They loved getting to push the ball off the rack and waiting for their ball to reappear afterwards. They also loved getting doted on by the big kids. :) Emma asked me if she had ever been bowling before. I thought about it then felt very old. I said "yes back when Mandy and Graham were in the youth group adn you weren't even walking yet" She also asked if we could do it again soon. I said Yes because it really wasn't very expensive and they enjoyed it a lot. Here are a few pictures captured by Kayleigh's phone.

Garrett right after he pushed it off the ramp

watching the big kids with daddy

Telling daddy how good she did

Getting ready to start

A good bowler knows to watch the ball until the very end

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Abby swims

Abby was "my girl" before I ever had Emma. She's been my girl since she was 5 months old. I have loved getting to share in many of her "important" and memorable moments. Today we raced to Maumelle to see her in her 1st swim meet! She did the kickboard and she did great! I am so proud of her for trying out for something and working at it until she was picked to go to the meet and then do a super job there. That old saying of "the grow up so fast" is definitely true. It seems like only yesterday we were at Children's Daycare coaxing 'little' abby to work on walking. Now she competing in swim meets. Good job Abby! We love you!

Italian Roots

My son is showing his Italian roots these days. If you listen to him talk many of his words end in "a" . For example, I am "mommy-a" or "sissy -a" . . . and the list continues. It's cute but weird. . . Then again he is Matthew's son, so that should be expected.  :)