Welch Family Journal

Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend at Grannys

We had a fun weekend at Granny and Big Daddys.

Awww they are so cute when their sleeping.

Grannys new kid table. Emma was so excited when she walked in and saw it. She ran to get me and show me the table.

Friends and cousins

we had fun with flat sally this weekend. This is us at stateline.

all 4 grandkids :)

Ride em' cowgirl!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Garrett's plague continues

Garrett woke up with his right eye matted and puffy. went to daycare, got a dr appt, he stayed with me for an hour at work. saw dr. Pink eye. uggg. went to daycare, had garrett in pack in play in office with me for 45 minutes untill lunch. ate. came home. hopefully by monday he will be free of this plague of bumps, bruises, and sicknesses!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thanks Jesse and Grammie

Thanks for my outfit. I was stylin' today!

End of the Year Party MDO

Today was the last day of MDO. So, of course we had a party with a ball pit, jumping thing, cupcakes, cookies, ribbon dancing, and fun galore!

Lunch time

Garrett at naptime. How cute!

Not so perfect day

I posted recently about Emma's perfect day, well Garrett had a not so perfect day today:

wake up early
had a ball and jumping thing party at daycare
got bit in jumping thing
apparently allergic to Ranch dressing . . . face broke out
stood up in small rocking chair . . . . hit head hard on hard floor
trying to climb up mommy . . . fell and scratched leg

it was a good day but had hard moments. poor baby. tomorrow should be better. . . .hopefully!

(see Brandis we made it home ok)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daddy's Softball Game

The kids had fun "watching" Daddy's Softball Game tonight. Ok they had fun playing in the dirt while daddy's game was going on and occassionally cheering for Daddy. :)

Of course, he found a ball

Cheering for Daddy

Proof I did watch some too :)

Bustin' out the bubbles

Filthy children!

MDO Swimming Party

This is the last week of Mother's Day Out for 3 weeks and for several of our kids for good. Today we had a swimming party to celebrate a fun filled summer. Here's a few pictures to enjoy.

Our Sweet Set-Up

My little Man

My Curly Sue

He found a ball!

Puppy Fever

We were walking back to the car after Daddy's softball game. I was holding Emmas hand and she was holding her hand closed. She looks up and says "I'm walking my puppy. He's black and small" I laughed out loud and asked Matt if he'd heard that. I repeated the story to him. He asked her what the puppy's name was. She said "Gabriel". Daddy wanted to kiss her when he was helping buckle her in she said "you can kiss my puppy" We both smiled and laughed. She has asked for a puppy before and even offered to trade her brother for one. She acts like she wants one but when we visit people who have them she barely pays any attention to them. Her bother on the other hand is obsessed with them! Oh well Mommy is not a dog person so we will not be getting a dog . . . ever. Maybe a fish tank for Christmas. :)

A perfect day

This was Emma's day today. What could be better for a 3 year old?

Play at bestfriends house
Go to gymnastics . . . with bestfriend
Go to pizza hut play place . . . . with best friend
Go to waterpark . . . . with bestfriend
Go to Daddy's softball game . . . play in dirt
Read Bible stories with Mommy

What an Awsome day!

Emma's Growing

Emma is 3 weeks away from starting CAC preK-3 program. It is school. 5 days a week, all day, NOT in the same building as Mommy. She is so excited! She can write her name and several other letters. She can recognize her capital letters and some lower case ones. She has a super memory. She suprises us with her intellect often. She is taller than most 5 year olds. She loves pink and princess everything. She has had a super time in gymnastics this summer. She can sing most of the songs to the Wicked CD. She thinks she's Garretts mom most of the time and trys to take care of him. She loves helping everyone she can. She is very funny. She loves to laugh and tickle, tackle, snuggle (a game we play with all 4 of us on the floor). She loves Bible class and getting to read Bible stoies with Mommy at night. She is a wonderful girl.

Garrett's growing

Garrett has about 75 - 80% accuracy in pointing to the correct object on your and his face when you tell him to find his nose, eyes, teeth, and ears. and he can say them all. He has learned how to say "A Cu" (a cup) over and over while banging on the fridge (in case you didn't understand the words comming out of his mouth). He can say "eeze" when you tell him to "say cheese" for a picture (well trained child that he is). He goes running for the tub if you ask him if he wants to take a bath. He looks huge for a 1 year old. He is still a mommy's boy. (i'm ok with that) He likes to give 5's (especially to Mr. Kevin at daycare) He still thinks he's as big as Emma and Isaac and anything they can do he can do. He LOVES the train table at daycare adn LOVES to drive cars and trains on it and on anything else around the room, while making the car sound. He loves getting to sweep with the broom or the vacume. He loves to read Bible storys and go to Bible class. He likes to splash in water no matter where it's at. He smiles almost all the time. He is super sweet.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Late night snack

Emma, Daddy, and I had a pre-bedtime brownie snack. Emma loved being able to stay up a few minutes late and eating with Daddy.

Ready to Travel

Today during nap time, Emma climbed into a suitcase, pulled the straps over her arms, and tried to zip the zipper. HAHA! Not sure why she was doing it. Maybe to try to escape nap time. Or to get to grannys faster. or to just see if she could. I asked her and she said she didn't know why she did it. Crazy kid!

We were driving home and emma saw Chuck E Cheese. She said "can we go to Chuck E's for dinner?" I said "no. I don't think Daddy would like that" She relys with "he can stay at home and just us three can go" I laughed and said she vould talk to daddy about it but I was pretty sure we would stay home and eat together. Really I only even said that so her daddy could hear how funny she sounded when she said "he can stay at home" It was cute . . . . . P.S. we did stay home to eat. :)

Daycare battle wound

Today Garrett got his 1st daycare bite. They are bound to happen with several small children around. He and another child (another teachers kid) were fighting over a toy and the other child bit him. He was brought to me crying. I hugged him a minute but he wanted his cup more than he wanted his mommy. He was fine then. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

1st spanking

Tonight Garrett got his 1st real spanking. I've swatted his leg and his hands before if he's about to be hurt or really just not listening but no real spank on the thigh followed by "time-out". He got it tonight though. Why? you ask. I told him two times with a simple swat and redirect not to color on the wall. So, after the third time, he got areal spanking and "time-out" in the pack-n-play. Here's his handi-work.

Life in a box

Garrett in a box. Somewhere we have a picture of Emma doing the exact same thing. Too cute!

Lunch Nap

Today it was just the kids and I at church and out for lunch. The Rines were at camp and daddy was still on a phone call from work (he was on it from 11pm-12 the next afternoon). I was at a loss of where to go alone with two kids. Our old standby "Sr. Tequillas" didn't hold any appel for me today. I was about to go home for PBJ when Emma says "I wanna a ceaser salad at Red Lobster" I smiled adn said "ok sugar" So we went to Red Lobster. We had been driving around too long and garrett fell asleep. Here's him at the table before the meal came.

Painting helper

I painted the downstairs bathroom and laundry area this weekend. It now matches the downstairs living room. Mom's ordering me cuter curtains and I am going to put up pictures and get new rugs. It should look much better very soon. I had a little helper for part of the painting.


She decided to paint in her panties only so she didn't get any paint on her clothes.

Friday, July 20, 2007

you should try it

We were driving home from Mardels last night and Emma was telling her Daddy about her day. She said "I had two watermelons in my lunch" and i said "yeah, that's because mommy gave you hers" So she asked "why?". I said "because mommy doesn't like watermelon" To which she replyed (very matter of factly) "you should try it mommy" Matt and I busted out laughing. It was too cute!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WOOT Monkeys

Daddy and Grammie got a WOOT Monkey and gave one to each kid. Can I say Thanks Soooooo Much you two?!

Weekend at Granny and Big Daddy

We had fun at Granny and Big Daddys this weekend. Caroline, Hannah, Aunt Jen, and Uncle Jason were there for part of it. Ken and Lysha were down as well. The kids loved playing with everybody! The highlight of the weekend was a trip to walmart where Emma got an outfit "just like Caroline's"! Then sunday afternoon the kids got to play in the new sprinkler. Garrett was pretty funny at Meme and popos. He still isn't stronge enough to use the little spray bottle to spray water on the flowers. He figured out he could point the bottle at people and make the "cush cush" sound and it was just as good at actually spraying water at them! It was very funny! He also started saying "popo".

The begining of our walmart trip:

Our photo opt with Tony!

Sporting the matching outfits

"rest time"

The new sprinkler

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Raking with Daddy

Daddy and Chris were cutting grass and raking leaves yesterday. Emma came home and saw them adn wanted to join in. She looked so cute. She even went as far as putting on her snow gloves on to be like Daddy and Chris with their work gloves. :)

Garrett was stuck on the porch so he swept some then went on playing with the slide and balls.

Helping Daddy

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Family Swim

Tonight the 4 of us went to WRC. Emma was SOOO excited that Daddy was going with us. Usually we end up going during the day adn Daddy can't come but we went from 6-8pm tonight and he was able to come. Garrett is still a tad attached to Mommy but he loved playing with Daddy too. Emma got to take Daddy down the "fast slide" (the only one she can do by herself-a kids slide) and floated with him down the lazy river and and took him to the wave pool and played "swimming" in the bigger kid pool. She was so happy to spend the family time with all 4 of us. Mommy was so happy to see both of her kids happy. and Daddy was so happy to play with the kids and finally see what "the country" was all about. Thanks for going Daddy! . . . . . Sorry no pictures this time, we were haveing too much fun to worry about the camera.

New Words

Today Garrett said "puppy" when at a friends house today. (while pointing to their puppy) Then when we got home he was reaching for his cup and fussing. So, I said "can you say milk please?" he said "mlk peas" Sweet! Maybe he's starting ot put sounds together enough to begin to help mommy understadn what he wants eaiser and faster.

Happy Birthday Emilyn

We went to Emilyn,s Birthday Party this morning. It was a bug party! It started off with bug headbands, and bug painting.

Next came a bug hunt in the backyard.

Balloons and puppies!

Looking for bugs . . .

I found one!

GO for the gold baby! (if you look close you can see the bug in the left corner of the top of the slide)

Presents then dirt and worm cake!

Our little buggys:


Last came the pinata. It was a kid friendly (thanks Michelle) where you only have to pull the strings instead of hitting with a bat.

Apparently kid friendly can also mean not easy to get out. Emma actually pulled the special string to open it up but nothing came out. Tommy had to just hold it up and drag the candy out for the kids.

Both kids had a lot of fun. Garrett enjoyed growling at the puppy. He even said "puppy" for the first time! Emma didn't want to leave she was having so much fun playing.